A Framework for Harmonizing Sensor Data to Support Embedded Health Assessment

Skubic, Marjorie ;   Jimison, Holly ;   Keller, James M ;   Popescu, Mihail ;   Rantz, Marilyn ;   Kaye, Jeffrey A. ;   Pavel, Michael

Tags Technology and services for home careTechnology and services for assisted-livingWireless/ubiquitous technologies and systems

The use of in-home and mobile sensing is likely to be a key component of future care and has recently been studied by many research groups...

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Behavior Change Models for Health Coaching Interventions

Jimison, Holly ;   Korhonen, Ilkka ;   Saranummi, Niilo ;   Pavel, Misha

Tags Technology and services for home carePersonal health systemseHealth

Optimal health coaching interventions are tailored to individuals' needs, preferences, motivations, barriers, and readiness to change. Technology...

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Comparative Assessment of Sleep Quality Estimates Using Home Monitoring Technology

Perez-Macias, Jose Maria ;   Jimison, Holly ;   Korhonen, Ilkka ;   Pavel, Michael

Tags Personal health systemsSmart home technologyPersonalised health

Poor sleep quality is associated with chronic diseases, weight increase and cognitive dysfunction. Home monitoring solutions offer the...

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Quantification of Human Movement for Assessment in Automated Exercise Coaching

Hagler, Stuart ;   Jimison, Holly ;   Bajcsy, Ruzena ;   Pavel, Michael

Tags Human performance - Modelling and predictionHuman performance - GaitHuman performance - Activities of daily living

Quantification of human movement is a challenge in many areas, ranging from physical therapy to robotics. We quantify of human movement for...

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Scientific Basis and Challenges for Mhealth

Pavel, Michael ;   Jimison, Holly

Tags Mobile healthPersonal/consumer health informaticsPersonal health systems

Mobile health - mHealth - has the potential to revolutionize acute as well as preventive healthcare by making it person-centered, timely and...

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Use of Wearable Heart Rate Data for Estimation Behaviors During Daily Life

Korhonen, Ilkka ;   Pietilä, Julia ;   Helander, Elina ;   Mutikainen, Sara ;   Myllymäki, Tero ;   Kujala, Urho ;   Pavel, Misha ;   Jimison, Holly

Tags Personal/consumer health informaticsPersonal health systemsPersonalised health

Behaviors are important predictors for health outcomes. Habits, i.e. behaviors which occur repeatedly and usually not through conscious...

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