Heart Rate Variability As an Indicator for Morphine Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics in Critically Ill Newborn Infants

Bressan, Nadja ;   McGregor, Carolyn ;   Smith, Kathleen P. ;   Lecce, Loreto ;   James, Andrew

Tags PK/PDMedical decision makingBiomedical data-driven modeling

Morphine is the commonest drug used for analgesia in newborn infants. It is a natural opioid that acts as an agonist at the mu and kappa...

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Remote, Real-Time Monitoring and Analysis of Vital Signs of Neonatal Graduate Infants

Greer, Robert William ;   Olivier, Christopher ;   Pugh, James Edward ;   Eklund, J. Mikael ;   McGregor, Carolyn

Tags TelemedicineDecision support methods and systemsHealth information systems

This paper presents a system for the remote monitoring of a newborn infant physiological data. By providing a simple means for parents to...

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The Impact of Cervical Manipulation on Heart Rate Variability

Shafiq, Hasan ;   McGregor, Carolyn ;   Murphy, Bernadette

Tags Heart rate variability

Heart Rate variability (HRV) is the inter-beat variability in heart rate and is moderated by the balance of sympathetic and parasympathetic...

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