Modeling Deterioration in the Vital Signs of Critical Care Patients

Pollard, Tom Joseph ;   Pimentel, Marco A.F. ;   Harra, Louise ;   Williams, David ;   Clifton, David ;   Harris, Steven ;   Fong, Kevin

Tags Decision support methods and systemsHealth information systems

In this retrospective study we developed a data fusion model able to track physiologic deterioration in critical care patients. We demonstrate...

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Physiological Trajectory of Patients Pre and Post ICU Discharge

Johnson, Alistair Edward William ;   Burgess, Jonathan ;   Pimentel, Marco A.F. ;   Clifton, David ;   Young, J Duncan ;   Watkinson, Peter J. ;   Tarassenko, Lionel

Tags Decision support methods and systemsData miningKnowledge discovery and management

The intensive care unit (ICU) admits the most severely ill patients, and the goal of the unit can be interpreted as stabilizing patient...

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Respiratory Rate Estimation from the Oscillometric Waveform Obtained from a Non-Invasive Cuff-Based Blood Pressure Device

Pimentel, Marco A.F. ;   Santos, Mauro D. ;   Arteta, Carlos ;   Domingos, Joao ;   Maraci, Mohammad Ali ;   Clifford, Gari

Tags Signal processing in physiological systemsSignals and systemsTime-frequency analysis of biosignals

The presence of respiratory activity in the electrocardiogram (ECG), the pulse oximeter's photoplethysmographic and continuous arterial blood...

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