An Ambulatory Sensor-Based System for Quantification of Nighttime Micturition for Accurate Nocturia Assessment

Eskofier, Bjoern M ;   Paulus, Jan ;   Paulsen, Ute ;   Burkart, Martin ;   Wullich, Bernd ;   Huppert, Verena

Tags Body sensor networksMobile healthComputer-aided decision making

Nocturia is a widespread condition where patients need to micturate frequently during the nighttime. In order to define treatment and...

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Comparison of a Priori Calibration Models for Respiratory Inductive Plethysmography During Running

Leutheuser, Heike ;   Heyde, Christian ;   Gollhofer, Albert ;   Eskofier, Bjoern M

Tags Pattern recognition methods for data mining in biosignalsSignal processing in physiological systemsMultivariate signal processing

Respiratory inductive plethysmography (RIP) has been introduced as an alternative for measuring ventilation by means of body surface...

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Comparison of Real-Time Classification Systems for Arrhythmia Detection on Android-Based Mobile Devices

Leutheuser, Heike ;   Gradl, Stefan ;   Kugler, Patrick ;   Anneken, Lars ;   Arnold, Martin ;   Achenbach, Stephan ;   Eskofier, Bjoern M

Tags Decision support methods and systemsWireless/ubiquitous technologies and systemsLow cost health delivery, public and environmental health, epidemiology

The electrocardiogram (ECG) is a key diagnostic tool in heart disease and may serve to detect ischemia, arrhyth- mias, and other conditions....

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ICA-Based Reduction of Electromyogenic Artifacts in EEG Data: Comparison with and without EMG Data

Gabsteiger, Florian ;   Leutheuser, Heike ;   Reis, Pedro ;   Lochmann, Matthias ;   Eskofier, Bjoern M

Tags Independent component analysisBlind source separation

Analysis of electroencephalography (EEG) recorded during movement is often aggravated or even completely hindered by electromyogenic...

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Wearable Static Posturography Solution Using a Novel Pressure Sensor Sole

Reinfelder, Samuel ;   Durlak, Felix ;   Barth, Jens ;   Klucken, Jochen ;   Eskofier, Bjoern M

Tags Wearable systems for neurorehabilitation - Balance controlHuman performance - GaitWearable systems for neurorehabilitation - Functional assessment

Static posturography is an important measurement in the diagnostic workup for patients with postural instability. New wearable sensor...

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