A Double-Layer Automatic Orientation Correction Method for Human Activity Recognition

Wu, Xiaoxu ;   Xu, Xiaoyu ;   Wang, Yan ;   Kaiser, William ;   Pottie, Greg

Tags Everyday health statusHuman ModelsQuality of data

Human activity monitoring systems using inertial sensors have found wide applications in the field of health and wellness by providing valuable...

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A Novel Flexible Wearable Sensor for Estimating Joint-Angles

Lee, Sunghoon Ivan ;   Daneault, Jean-Francois ;   Weydert, Luc ;   Bonato, Paolo

Tags ElectrotextilesGait AnalysisHuman Models

To circumvent current limitations of wearable sensors that can be used to assess and monitor joint movements, we developed an accurate,...

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Impact Forces During Running: Loaded Questions, Sensible Outcomes

Udofa, Andrew ;   Ryan, Laurence ;   Weyand, Peter

Tags Gait Analysis

Load carriage was used as an experimental tool to evaluate the ability of an anatomically-based, two-mass model of the human body to predict...

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Learning Approach for Classification of Geneactiv Accelerometer Data for Unique Activity Identification

Dutta, Arindam ;   Ma, Owen ;   Bliss, Daniel W. ;   Buman, Matthew P.

Tags Everyday health statusHealth AssessmentSelf management and quality of life

Recent popular emphasis on exercise for personal wellbeing has created a demand for techniques which monitor and classify human activities....

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