Accurate Personal Ultraviolet Dose Estimation with Multiple Wearable Sensors

Li, Jinyang ;   Liu, Yongpan ;   Li, Hehe ;   Hua, Rui ;   Xue, Chun Jason ;   Lee, Hyung Gyu ;   Yang, Huazhong

Tags Environmental Exposures MonitoringHuman ModelsFeature discovery

Wearable devices begin to integrate into the daily lives along with recent technology development. One of such important applications is to...

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An Energy-Efficient and QoS-Effective Resource Allocation Scheme in WBANs

Liu, Zhiqiang ;   LIU, BIN ;   chen, chang ;   Chen, Chang Wen

Tags Communications protocolsNetwork topologiesQuality of data

Wireless Body Area Networks (WBANs) represent one of the most promising networks to provide health applications for improving the quality of...

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Wearable Alcohol Monitoring Device with Auto-Calibration Ability for High Chemical Specificity

Umasankar, Yogeswaran ;   Jalal, Ahmed Hasnain ;   Gonzalez, Pablo ;   Chowdhury, Mustahsin ;   Alfonso, Alejandro ;   Bhansali, Divya

Tags Minimally Invasive SensorsHealth Assessment

Multimodal electrochemical method comprising open circuit potential and amperometric technique has been implemented to improve the specificity...

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