Accurate Gait Analysis in Post-Stroke Patients Using a Single Inertial Measurement Unit

Parisi, Federico ;   Ferrari, Gianluigi ;   Baricich, Alessio ;   D'Innocenzo, Marco ;   Cisari, Carlo ;   Mauro, Alessandro

Tags Gait AnalysisHealth AssessmentEveryday health status

Improving independent mobility in post-stroke patients is one of the main goals of most rehabilitation strategies. While quantitative gait...

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Active Implantable Sensor Powered by Ultrasounds with Application in the Monitoring of Physiological Parameters for Soft Tissues

Gil Rosa, Bruno Miguel ;   Yang, Guang-Zhong

Tags Energy harvestingHealth AssessmentCommunications protocols

Ultrasound imaging is a proven diagnostic tool to assess a myriad of physiological and pathological conditions in patients. Throughout the...

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An Integrated Wearable Robot for Tremor Suppression with Context Aware Sensing

Huen, Yin Fan Denis ;   Liu, Jindong ;   Lo, Benny

Tags Parkinsons DiseaseSelf management and quality of lifeMulti sensor data fusion

Tremor is a neurological disorder which can significantly impede the daily functions of patients. The available treatments for patients with...

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Instantaneous P and T-Wave Detection: Assessment of Three ECG Fiducial Points Detection Algorithms

Leutheuser, Heike ;   Gradl, Stefan ;   Anneken, Lars ;   Arnold, Martin ;   Lang, Nadine ;   Achenbach, Stephan ;   Eskofier, Bjoern M

Tags Health AssessmentEveryday health statusSelf management and quality of life

Arrhythmia detection algorithms require the exact and instantaneous detection of fiducial points in the ECG signal. These fiducial points...

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On the Use of Wearable Sensors to Enhance Motion Intention Detection for a Contralaterally Controlled FES System

Ruiz-Olaya, Andres

Tags Computational toolsHealth AssessmentMinimally Invasive Sensors

During the last years, there has been a relevant progress in motor learning and functional recovery after the occurrence of a brain lesion....

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