Estimating Loaded, Inclined Walking Energetics: No Functional Difference between Added and Body Mass*

Ludlow, Lindsay ;   Weyand, Peter

Tags Gait AnalysisHuman ModelsEnergy Balance and metabolism

We used external loading and surface inclination as experimental tools to: 1) test whether the metabolic cost of transporting body mass and...

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On Single Sensor-Based Inertial Navigation

Strozzi, Nicolò ;   Parisi, Federico ;   Ferrari, Gianluigi

Tags Gait Analysis

In this paper, we compare two novel algorithms for pedestrian navigation based on signals collected by a single wearable Magnetic, Angular...

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Tracking Body Core Temperature in Military Thermal Environments: An Extended Kalman Filter Approach

Seng, Kok-Yong ;   Chen, Ying ;   Chai, Kian Ming Adam ;   Wang, Ting ;   Fun, Chiok Yuen David ;   Teo, Yashi ;   Tan, Min Sze Pearl ;   Ang, Wee Hon ;   Lee, Jason

Tags Computational toolsMulti sensor data fusionExtreme Performance and Limits of Performance

Military personnel operating in hot and humid environments are susceptible to heat-related illnesses. As heat-related illnesses are associated...

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