Real-Time Monitoring of the Horse-Rider Dyad Using Body Sensor Network Technology

Piette, Deborah ;   Norton, Tomas Norton ;   Exadaktylos, Vasileios ;   Berckmans, Daniel

Tags Animal behaviorEnergy Balance and metabolismAutomated advice and feedback

When it comes to equestrian disciplines, the horse-rider dyad is amongst the most discussed topics. Recently the emergence of equitation...

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Towards a Wearable System for Continuous Monitoring of Sniffing and Panting in Dogs

Brugarolas, Rita ;   Agcayazi, Talha ;   Yuschak, Sherrie ;   Roberts, David ;   Sherman, Barbara ;   Bozkurt, Alper

Tags Animal behaviorFeature discoveryMinimally Invasive Sensors

Although numerous advances have been made in instrumental odor detection systems, these still cannot match the efficient sampling, odor...

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Using Collar-Worn Sensors to Forecast Thermal Strain in Military Working Dogs

Williamson, James ;   Hess, Austin ;   Smalt, Christopher ;   Sherrill, Delsey M. ;   Quatieri, Thomas ;   O'Brien, Catherine

Tags Animal behaviorFatigue and Injury RiskFeature discovery

Military working dogs (MWDs) are at high risk of heat strain both during training and missions. Body heat in a MWD increases due to work, and...

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