Diet Eyeglasses: Recognising Food Chewing Using EMG and Smart Eyeglasses

Zhang, Rui ;   Bernhart, Severin ;   Amft, Oliver

Tags Minimally Invasive SensorsEveryday health statusHealth Assessment

We utilise smart eyeglasses for dietary monitoring, in particular to sense food chewing. Our approach is based on a 3D-printed regular...

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Gait Tracker Shoe for Accurate Step-By-Step Determination of Gait Parameters

Zhuang, Yan ;   Gong, Jiaqi ;   Kerrigan, D. Casey ;   Bennett, Bradford ;   Lach, John ;   Russell, Shawn

Tags Gait Analysis

Step-by-step determination of gait parameters provides insight into the variability of specific gait patterns associated with frequent...

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Sensor Systems for Monitoring Fluid Intake Indirectly and Directly

Kreutzer, Joachim Friedrich ;   Deist, Johannes ;   Hein, Christina Marita ;   Lueth, Tim

Tags Hydration StatusEveryday health statusAutomated advice and feedback

Dehydration is a common and severe diagnosis especially among the elderly. Monitoring a healthy fluid intake is therefore vital. In this...

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