Analyzing Drug Sensitivity Prediction based on Dose Response Curve Characteristics

Rahman, Raziur ;   Pal, Ranadip

Tags Personalized health/precision medicineComputational systems biology

Precision medicine for cancer involves design of drug sensitivity prediction models that can predict patient response to various drugs. The...

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Assessing the Effect of Well-Designed Buildings on the Activity Pat-Tern of Employees

Razjouyan, Javad ;   Lee, Hyoki ;   Burton, Alex ;   Najafi, Bijan ;   Sternberg, Esther ;   Skeath, Perry ;   Lindberg, Casey ;   Ram, Sudha ;   Currim, Faiz ;   Srinivasan, Karthik ;   Mehl, Matthias R. ;   Herzl, Reuben ;   Goebel, Nicole ;   Foe-Parker, Colin ;   Kampschroer, Kevin ;   Heerwagen, Judith ;   Gilligan, Brian ;   Canada, Kelli ;   Saha, Priya

Tags Physiological monitoringPersonalized health/precision medicineIntelligent medical devices and sensors

In this article, we estimated the effect of building environment on the physical activity pattern (PAP) of employees. We also assessed PAP...

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Biclustering for ssDNA Aptamer Motif Prototypes

Moore, Erin J. ;   Bourlai, Thirimachos

Tags Data miningComputational systems biologyPersonalized health/precision medicine

Aptamers and biclustering are enabling technologies for personalized medicine. Aptamers are highly valuable for medicine and biosensors, but...

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Challenges in Personalized Systems for Personal Health Care

Fernandez-Llatas, Carlos ;   Martínez-Romero, Álvaro ;   Bianchi, Anna Maria ;   Henriques, Jorge ;   de Carvalho, Paulo ;   Traver, Vicente

Tags Personalized health/precision medicinePersonal health systemsPersonal/consumer health informatics

Personalization is one of the drivers to deal with the sustainability of the health care systems in Eastern or Western countries. This...

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DrugMoaMiner: A Computational Tool for Mechanism of Action Discovery and Personalized Drug Sensitivity Prediction

Li, Fuhai ;   Wang, Lin ;   Ren, Kong ;   Sheng, Jianting ;   Cao, Huojun ;   Mancuso, James ;   Xia, Xiaofeng ;   Stephan, Clifford ;   Wong, Stephen

Tags Computational systems biologyPersonalized health/precision medicine

Distinct genomic instabilities among individual patients is believed to be a major cause of drug response heterogeneity. Cancer patients who...

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Dynamic Time Warping for Heart-Rate-Independent Timing of Cardiac Phases

Wick, Carson ;   Yao, Jingting ;   Bhatti, Pamela ;   Inan, Omer ;   Tridandapani, Srini

Tags AlgorithmsPattern recognitionPersonalized health/precision medicine

Dynamic time warping was used to track cardiac phases across the range of observed heart rates from the seismocardiogram of a healthy...

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GPU Acceleration for Bayesian Control of Markovian Genetic Regulatory Networks

Zhou, He ;   Hu, Jiang ;   Khatri, Sunil ;   Liu, Frank ;   Sze, Cliff Chin Ngai ;   Rezaei Yousefi, Mohammadmahdi

Tags Personalized health/precision medicineComputational systems biologyHigh-performance computing for healthcare

A recently developed approach to precision medicine is the use of Markov Decision Processes (MDPs) on Gene Regulatory Networks (GRNs). Due...

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GT2RDF: A Semantic Representation of Genetic Testing Data

Rupa, Anamika Paul ;   Zhu, Qian

Tags Personalized health/precision medicineHealth information systemsDecision support methods and systems

In this new era of genetic technology we accumulated much genetic medicine related data, but the distributed storage and diverse data...

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Heterogeneity of Colorectal Cancer Cell Positions as a Cell Viability Biometric

Saribudak, Aydin ;   Kucharavy, Herman ;   Hubbard, Karen ;   Uyar, M. Umit

Tags Biomedical imaging marker extractionComputational systems biologyPersonalized health/precision medicine

In this paper, we quantify spatial heterogeneity in the positions of live cells as potential biomarkers for cell viability in 3D in-vitro...

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Integrating Information on Genomics, Transcriptomics, Proteomics, and Metabolomics into Biosimulations for Individualized Personalized Medicine

Phelix, Clyde ;   Dugan, Jason

Tags Personalized health/precision medicineComputational modeling and simulations in biology, physiology and medicinePharmaco-genomics

Current genomic tests reporting single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) have limited predictability on individual patient responses to drugs. ...

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On the Limits of Data-Driven Cancer Prognosis Prediction

Rezaei Yousefi, Mohammadmahdi ;   Dalton, Lori A.

Tags Gene expression pattern recognitionDynamic modeling of biomolecular regulatory and signaling networksPersonalized health/precision medicine

We show that a widely used training-data classification rule fails to provide reliable cancer prognosis prediction even in a very simple case...

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PEPCOR – A Risk Prediction Model for Pediatric Intensive Care Units Utilizing Ventilator Days and Length of Stay

Pethiyagoda, Theruni ;   Cheng, Chihwen ;   Wang, May D. ;   Chanani, Nikhil

Tags Personalized health/precision medicineDecision support methods and systemsData mining

Great sources of concern for pediatric and neonatal intensive care units are the total resource utilization and cost of caring for very sick...

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Personalized Mortality Prediction for the Critically Ill using a Patient Similarity Metric and Bagging

Lee, Joon

Tags Predictive analyticsPersonalized health/precision medicineDecision support systems

Conventional mortality prediction in intensive care is based on severity of illness scores created from heterogeneous patient data that...

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Toward Patient-Tailored Summarization of Lung Cancer Literature

Garcia-Gathright, Jean ;   Matiasz, Nicholas ;   Garon, Edward ;   Aberle, Denise ;   Taira, Ricky ;   Bui, Alex

Tags Personalized health/precision medicineKnowledge modelingDecision support systems

As the volume of biomedical literature increases, it can be challenging for clinicians to stay up-to-date. Graphical summarization systems help...

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User Profiling for Coordinated and Integrated Care

Kayyali, Reem ;   Nabhani-Gebara, Shereen ;   Hesso, Iman ;   Siva, Roshan ;   Kaimakamis, Evangelos ;   Vaes, Anouk ;   Spruit, Martijn ;   Chang, John ;   Costello, Richard ;   Philip, Nada ;   Pierscionek, Barbara ;   Maglaveras, Nikolaos

Tags Public health management solutionsParticipatory healthPersonalized health/precision medicine

Integrated care has been increasingly advocated as an approach to promote better coordination of services and quality of care at different...

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