Analysis and Control of Genetic Regulatory Systems with Switched Drug Inputs

Oduola, Wasiu ;   Li, Xiangfang ;   Duan, Chang ;   Qian, Lijun ;   Wu, Fen ;   Dougherty, Edward

Tags Dynamic modeling of biomolecular regulatory and signaling networksGene regulation, annotation of genesComputational modeling and simulations in biology, physiology and medicine

Because cancer usually involves multiple genes and pathways, combination therapy is considered as a promising approach for cancer treatment....

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Integration of 3D Gene Expression Patterns and Gene Regulatory Networks for Clinical Applications in Epithelial Ovarian Cancer

Tchagang, Alain Beaudelaire ;   Fauteux, Francois ;   Pan, Youlian

Tags High throughput –omic (genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, lipidomics, and metagenomics) data analytics for precision healthIntegration of multi-modality omic dataAlgorithms

In the past decades, many high-throughput studies have been performed to investigate molecular mechanisms underlying epithelial ovarian...

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On the Limits of Data-Driven Cancer Prognosis Prediction

Rezaei Yousefi, Mohammadmahdi ;   Dalton, Lori A.

Tags Gene expression pattern recognitionDynamic modeling of biomolecular regulatory and signaling networksPersonalized health/precision medicine

We show that a widely used training-data classification rule fails to provide reliable cancer prognosis prediction even in a very simple case...

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