Biodata Analytics for COPD

de Carvalho, Paulo ;   Henriques, Jorge ;   Teixeira, César ;   Couceiro, Ricardo ;   Rocha, Teresa ;   Mendes, Luis ;   Nunes, Diogo ;   Chouvarda, Ioanna ;   Maglaveras, Nikolaos ;   Paiva, Rui Pedro

Tags Physiological monitoringPersonal health systemsPattern recognition

WELCOME is an ambitious EU FP7 project which aims to bring about a change in the reactive and integrated care nature of the management of...

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Clinical Flows and Decision Support Systems for Co-Ordinated and Integrated Care in COPD

Chouvarda, Ioanna ;   Kilintzis, Vassilis ;   Beredimas, Nikolaos ;   Natsiavas, Pantelis ;   Perantoni, Eleni ;   Vogiatzis, Ioannis ;   Kaimakamis, Evangelos ;   Maglaveras, Nikolaos

Tags Knowledge modelingDecision support systemsPersonal health records

WELCOME project aims at the development of a technical solution that will leverage integrated care of COPD and comorbidities via wearable...

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New Biosensors and Wearables for Cardiorespiratory Telemonitoring

Chételat, Olivier ;   Wacker, Josias ;   Rapin, Michael ;   Porchet, Jacques-André ;   Meier, Christophe ;   Falhi, Abdessamad ;   Haenni, Etienne ;   Caldani, Laura ;   Mancuso, Carlo ;   Paradiso, Rita ;   Arneth, Lutz

Tags Physiological monitoringSmart textile and clothesWearable systems and sensors

Many cardiorespiratory physiological signals can be measured from the chest skin. When measured at many spots, some of them like EIT...

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User Profiling for Coordinated and Integrated Care

Kayyali, Reem ;   Nabhani-Gebara, Shereen ;   Hesso, Iman ;   Siva, Roshan ;   Kaimakamis, Evangelos ;   Vaes, Anouk ;   Spruit, Martijn ;   Chang, John ;   Costello, Richard ;   Philip, Nada ;   Pierscionek, Barbara ;   Maglaveras, Nikolaos

Tags Public health management solutionsParticipatory healthPersonalized health/precision medicine

Integrated care has been increasingly advocated as an approach to promote better coordination of services and quality of care at different...

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