A Method for Measuring Parkinson's Disease Related Temporal Irregularity in Spiral Drawings

Memedi, Mevludin ;   Aghanavesi, Somayeh ;   Westin, Jerker

Tags Machine learningSensors and sensor systemsMobile health

The objective of this paper was to develop and evaluate clinimetric properties of a method for measuring Parkinson's disease (PD)-related...

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Automated Patient Handling Activity Recognition for At-Risk Caregivers using an Unobtrusive Wearable Sensor

Lin, Feng ;   Xu, Xiaowei ;   Wang, Aosen ;   Cavuoto, Lora ;   Xu, Wenyao

Tags Preventive healthWearable systems and sensors

Patient handling activities with awkward postures expose healthcare providers to a high risk of overexertion injury. The recognition of...

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Quantitative Assessment of Lower Limb and Cane Movement with Wearable Inertial Sensors

Sprint, Gina ;   Cook, Diane J. ;   Weeks, Douglas L.

Tags Mobile and wearable technologies for elderlyWearable systems and sensors

Individuals with an age, injury, or disease-related mobility impairment often utilize a walking aid, such as a cane, to increase safety and...

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Simple Ambulatory Gait Monitoring System using a Single IMU for Various Daily-Life Gait Activities

Song, Minsu ;   Kim, Jonghyun

Tags Mobile healthMobile and wearable technologies for elderlySensor-based mHealth applications

The gait monitoring during daily-life is promising measure to predict mortality, functional decline and fall risk, and classification of gait...

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Smartwatch-Based Activity Recognition: A Machine Learning Approach

Weiss, Gary ;   Timko, Jessica ;   Gallagher, Catherine ;   Yoneda, Kenichi ;   Schreiber, Andrew

Tags Mobile healthSensors and sensor systemsData mining

Smartwatches and smartphones contain accelerometers and gyroscopes that sense a user's movements, and can help identify the activity a...

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The Measurement and Analysis of Parkinsonian Hand Tremor

Zhou, Yue ;   Jenkins, Mary ;   Naish, Michael D. ;   Trejos, Ana Luisa

Tags Disease profiling and personalized treatmentWearable systems and sensorsMobile and wearable technologies for elderly

The study of the mechanical characteristics of tremor for patients suffering from Parkinson's disease (PD) is an important first step to...

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