A Smartphone App Framework for Segmented Cancer Care Coordination

He, Tiancheng ;   Ogunti, Richard ;   Puppala, Mamta ;   Chen, Shenyi ;   Yu, Xiaohui ;   Mancuso, James ;   Wong, Stephen T.C.

Tags Mobile healthPatient trackingInformation technologies for healthcare delivery and management

Complex cancer care requires careful coordination, but resource limitations result in lack of effective coordinated follow-up services. Recent...

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Assessing Variability in Brain Tumor Segmentation to Improve Volumetric Accuracy and Characterization of Change

Rios Piedra, Edgar A. ;   Taira, Ricky ;   El-Saden, Suzie ;   Ellingson, Benjamin ;   Bui, Alex ;   Hsu, William

Tags Computer-aided decision makingImage analysis, processing and classificationMedical image processing and visualization

Brain tumor analysis is moving towards volumetric assessment of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), providing a more precise description of...

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Model Checking Cancer Automata

Bowles, Juliana ;   Silvina, Agastya

Tags Healthcare modeling and simulationInformatics for chronic disease managementComputational modeling and simulations in biology, physiology and medicine

Cancer is a chronic disease where cells grow and multiply in an uncontrollable manner ultimately spreading and invading surrounding tissue, and...

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