DrugMoaMiner: A Computational Tool for Mechanism of Action Discovery and Personalized Drug Sensitivity Prediction

Li, Fuhai ;   Wang, Lin ;   Ren, Kong ;   Sheng, Jianting ;   Cao, Huojun ;   Mancuso, James ;   Xia, Xiaofeng ;   Stephan, Clifford ;   Wong, Stephen

Tags Computational systems biologyPersonalized health/precision medicine

Distinct genomic instabilities among individual patients is believed to be a major cause of drug response heterogeneity. Cancer patients who...

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Gene-Based Pathway Enrichment Analysis of Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma Patients

Kourou, Konstantina ;   Papaloukas, Costas ;   Fotiadis, Dimitrios I.

Tags Model building for molecular, cellular and organ pathways and networksGene regulation, annotation of genesBioinformatics databases

Oral Cancer has been characterized as a complex disease and involves dynamic genomic changes. These changes reveal the ability to explore...

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When Discriminative K-Means Meets Grassmann Manifold: Disease Gene Identification via a General Multi-View Clustering Method

Li, Danping ;   Wang, Lei ;   Xue, Zhong ;   Wong, Stephen T.C.

Tags Data miningMachine learningUnsupervised learning method

Understanding the role of genetics in diseases is a challenging process that has multiple applications within functional genomics and precision...

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