A Framework for Precision Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Initial Results

Gabr, Refaat ;   Pednekar, Amol ;   Sun, Xiaojun ;   Narayana, Ponnada

Tags Imaging modalitiesPlatforms/solutions for precision medicineImage analysis, processing and classification

Adapting medical imaging protocols to the individual patient has the potential to improve the information content and enhance the detection of...

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A Novel Fast DRR Generation Method by Reassembling Previously Generated Projection Blocks

Mu, Zhiping

Tags Image registration, segmentation, and compressionMedical image processing and visualizationAlgorithms

Digitally reconstructed radiograph (DRR) is vital to 2D/3D image registration, but computationally expensive to generate. Introduced in this...

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A Novel Immersive Augmented Reality System for Prosthesis Training and Assessment

Boschmann, Alexander ;   Dosen, Strahinja ;   Werner, Andreas ;   Raies, Ali ;   Farina, Dario

Tags Augmented reality3D visualizationVirtual reality in medicine

In recent years, the field of prosthetics developed immensely, along with a variety of control methods and computer interfaces for prosthetic...

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A Three-Dimensional Medical Image Segmentation App using Graphic Theory

He, Tiancheng ;   Xue, Zhong ;   Wong, Stephen T.C.

Tags Image registration, segmentation, and compressionMedical image processing and visualizationMobile health

We present a smartphone App for three-dimensional (3-D) medical image segmentation aimed at providing a portable image computing solution for...

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Automatic Erp Classification in Eeg Recordings from Task-Related Independent Components

Zakeri, Zohreh ;   Haji Samadi, Mohammad Reza ;   Cooke, Neil ;   Jancovic, Peter

Tags Image analysis, processing and classificationData inference, mining, and trend analysisPhysiological monitoring

The Electroencephalography (EEG) signal contains information about a person's brain activity including the Event- Related Potential (ERP) - an...

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Quantitative Comparison of Muscle Thickness between Young Male and Female Subjects using Ultrasonography

Zhou, Yongjin ;   Wei, Qian-Yue ;   Yang, Xiaojuan ;   Xiang, Jianghuai ;   Xian, Zhi-En ;   Li, Yue ;   Yang, Wanzhang ;   Dan, Guo ;   Xiang, Yun

Tags Biomedical imaging marker extractionMedical image processing and visualizationImaging modalities

Architecture of skeletal muscle can change significantly during body motion, which can be observed in vivo during contraction using...

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