A New Modeling Methodology for Continuous Cuffless Blood Pressure Measurement

Ding, Xiao-Rong ;   Zhang, Yuan-Ting ;   Tsang, Hon Ki

Tags Healthcare modeling and simulationPhysiological monitoringAlgorithms

Continuous blood pressure (BP) monitoring in a noninvasive and unobtrusive way can significantly improve the awareness, control and treatment...

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Detection of Cardiovascular Abnormalities through 5-Lead System Algorithm

Al Touma, Albert ;   Tafreshi, Reza ;   Uddin Khan, Muzammil

Tags Algorithms

Cardiovascular diseases are the cause to almost 30% of worldwide death cases and this number is expected to increase. This paper aims to...

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Physical Rehabilitation Exercises Assessment based on Hidden Semi-Markov Model by Kinect V2

Capecci, Marianna ;   Ceravolo, Maria Gabriella ;   Ferracuti, Francesco ;   Iarlori, Sabrina ;   Kyrki, Ville ;   Longhi, Sauro ;   Romeo, Luca ;   Verdini, Federica

Tags Machine learningInformatics for chronic disease managementPersonal health systems

This work investigates how Hidden Semi-Markov Model (HSMM) can be used to monitor and evaluate physical rehabilitation exercises by Kinect v2...

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Using Synthetic Clinical Data to Train an HMM-Based POS Tagger

Knoll, Benjamin ;   Melton, Genevieve ;   Liu, Hongfang ;   Xu, Hua ;   Pakhomov, Serguei

Tags Natural Language Processing

The accuracy of part of speech (POS) tagging reported in medical natural language processing (NLP) literature is typically very high when...

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