A Comparison of Feature Selection Methods for Machine Learning based Automatic Malarial Cell Recognition in Wholeslide Images

Muralidharan, Vishnu ;   Dong, Yuhang ;   Pan, W. David

Tags Machine learningMedical image processing and visualizationDisease profiling and personalized treatment

This paper aims at investigating the best feature selection method for optimized and automated machine learning based detection of malarial...

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An Interactive Tool for ROI Extraction and Compression on Whole Slide Images

Dong, Yuhang ;   Shen, Hongda ;   Pan, W. David

Tags Data storage

In this paper, we presented an integrated graphical user interface (GUI) tool, which supports interactive regions of interest (ROIs)...

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EEG Feature Selection and the use of Lyapunov Exponents for EEG-Based Biometrics

Kang, Jae-Hwan ;   Lee, Chungho ;   Kim, Sung-Phil

Tags AlgorithmsPattern recognitionPervasive health

In recent years, there has been a growing increase in the use of electroencephalographic (EEG) signals for biometric systems. In investigating...

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Extending the IEEE 11073-1010X Nomenclature for the Modelling of Surgical Devices

Andersen, Bj√∂rn ;   Kasparick, Martin ;   Golatowski, Frank ;   Ingenerf, Josef

Tags Data standardIntelligent medical devices and sensorsKnowledge modeling

The current lack of medical device interoperability can only be overcome by the usage of structural and semantic standards. Therefore, a...

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Facial Expressions and Flat Affect in Schizophrenia, Automatic Analysis from Depth Camera Data

Tron, Talia ;   Peled, Abraham ;   Weinshall, Daphna ;   Grinshpoon, Alexander

Tags Computational phenotypingPatient trackingEmerging IT for efficient/low-cost healthcare delivery

One of the prominent clinical manifestations of schizophrenia is flat or altered facial activity, and flattening of emotional expressiveness...

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False Arrhythmia Alarm Reduction in the Intensive Care Unit using Data Fusion and Machine Learning

Zhang, Qiang

Tags Machine learningMulti-sensor data fusionIntelligent medical devices and sensors

To reduce the incidence of false critical arrhythmia alarms in the intensive care unit, a novel data fusion and machine learning algorithm is...

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From Descriptive to Diagnostic Analytics for Assessing Data Quality: An Application to Temporal Data Elements in Electronic Health Records

Deng, Xiaodong ;   Wee, Hwee Lin ;   Tai, E Shyong ;   Khoo, Yin Hao Eric ;   Salloway, Mark Kevin ;   Tan, Chuen Seng

Tags Data quality controlElectronic health records

Electronic health records (EHRs) offer an alternative rich source of data for research. However, additional steps are required before...

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Network Analysis with PubChem BioAssay: Preliminary Study on Drug Abuse

Weijian, Qin ;   Zhu, Qian

Tags Big Data analyticsInformation technologies for healthcare delivery and managementBioinformatics databases

BioAssay involves the use of live animal or plant (in vivo) or tissue or cell (in vitro) to determine the biological activity of a substance,...

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Predicting High Cost Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus using Hospital Databases in a Multi-Ethnic Asian Population

Tan, Chuen Seng ;   Deng, Xiaodong ;   Tai, E Shyong ;   Khoo, Yin Hao Eric ;   Toh, Ee Shiow ;   Salloway, Mark Kevin ;   Koh, Thuan Wee ;   Wee, Thomas ;   Wee, Hwee Lin

Tags Statistical data analysis

Data analytics is playing an important role in health care because of the potential actionable insights that can be derived from...

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Using Healthcare Analytics to Determine an Effective Diagnostic Model for ADHD in Students

Mitchnick, Diane ;   Kumar, Vive ;   Kinshuk ;   Fraser, Shawn

Tags Data miningHealthcare data analysisMachine learningLearning analyticsNeural networks

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a mental health disorder. People diagnosed with ADHD are often inattentive (have difficulty...

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