A Light-Weight Data Preprocessing and Integrative Scheduling Framework for Health Monitoring

Liu, Fan ;   Zhou, Xingshe ;   Wang, Zhu ;   Wang, Tianben ;   Ni, Hongbo

Tags Intelligent medical devices and sensorsHealth data acquisition, transmission, management and visualizationBioinformatics for health monitoring

The aging of population presents a severe challenge to the traditional "face-to-face" diagnosis mode. Household health monitoring...

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A Low-Cost, Non-Invasive Sensory Device for Early Diagnosis of Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy

Zaffar, Mubariz ;   Tariq, Muhammad Taihami ;   Arslan, Muhammad Alp ;   Qureshi, Nauman Khalid ;   Cheema, Hammad M.

Tags Intelligent medical devices and sensorsPortable miniaturized systemsPersonal health systems

This paper presents the electronic design of a lowcost, non-invasive, patient centric device, for early diagnosis of Diabetic Peripheral...

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Application of Neural Networks for Filtering Non-Impact Transients Recorded from Biomechanical Sensors

Motiwale, Shruti ;   Eppler, William ;   Hollingsworth, Dale ;   Hollingsworth, Chad ;   Morgenthau, Justin ;   Kraft, Reuben

Tags Wearable systems and sensorsPattern recognitionMachine learning

A number of biomechanical sensor applications are available on the market today for sports, as well as military applications. These sensors are...

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Capacitively Coupled ECG Sensor using a Single Electrode with Adaptive Power-Line Noise Cancellation

Kawamoto, Yuta ;   Izumi, Shintaro ;   Tanaka, Yoshito ;   Kawaguchi, Hiroshi ;   Yoshimoto, Masahiko

Tags Wearable systems and sensorsSensors and sensor systemsPortable miniaturized systems

This report describes a small heartbeat monitoring system using capacitively coupled ECG sensors. Capacitively coupled sensors using an...

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Classifying Human Emotional States using Wireless EEG based ERP and Functional Connectivity Measures

Bono, Valentina ;   Biswas, Dwaipayan ;   Das, Saptarshi ;   Maharatna, Koushik

Tags Data inference, mining, and trend analysisPhysiological monitoringMachine learning

In this paper we present a systematic exploration to determine several EEG based features for classifying three emotional states (happy,...

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Estimation of Wrist Flexion Angle from Muscle Thickness Changes Measured by a Flexible Ultrasonic Sensor

Huang, Andy ;   Ono, Yuu

Tags Wearable systems and sensors

The estimation of joint motion from muscle thickness has a variety of applications, such as gait analysis, muscle disease diagnosis, and...

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For Children's Sleep Assessment: Can we Trace the Change of Sleep Depth based on ECG Data Measured at Their Respective Home with a Wearable Device?

Shirouzu, Shigenori ;   Takahashi, Toshiharu ;   Sugano, HIsanobu ;   Seno, Yumeka ;   Tobioka, Ken ;   Sasaki, Mitsuo ;   Yagi, Tomoko

Tags Wearable systems and sensorsPreventive healthTechnology and services for home care

We tried to improve the sleep assessment method from the accelerations (ACC) and RR interval variations (RRIV) thar were measured with...

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