A Real-Time Detection and Warning of Cardiovascular Disease LAHB for a Wearable Wireless ECG Device

Arunan, Anjali ;   Pathinarupothi, Rahul Krishnan ;   Ramesh, Maneesha Vinodini

Tags Decision support methods and systemsMobile healthWearable systems and sensors

According to the World Health Organization, an estimated 17 million people die annually due to cardiac disease, which accounts for 30% of the...

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Adaptive Network Selection Mechanism for Telecardiology System in Developing Countries

Yew, Hoe Tung ;   Supriyanto, Eko ;   Satria, Muhammad Haikal ;   Hau, Yuan Wen

Tags Healthcare communication networksHealth data acquisition, transmission, management and visualization

Inadequate telecommunication infrastructure is one of the main reason of drawback on telecardiology implementation in developing countries. A...

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Analyzing Drug Sensitivity Prediction based on Dose Response Curve Characteristics

Rahman, Raziur ;   Pal, Ranadip

Tags Personalized health/precision medicineComputational systems biology

Precision medicine for cancer involves design of drug sensitivity prediction models that can predict patient response to various drugs. The...

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Analyzing Dynamic Components of Social Scene Parsing Strategy in Autism Spectrum Disorder

Song, Chen ;   Wang, Aosen ;   Michelle, Hartley-McAndrew ;   Kathy, Doody ;   Jana, Mertz ;   Lin, Feng ;   Xu, Wenyao

Tags Behavioral health informatics

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a complex developmental disability characterized by deficits in social interaction. %Early intervention for...

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Android based Digital Fetoscope

Muga, Angeline Awiti ;   Shifferaw, Besufekad ;   Baguma, Maximus Byamukama ;   Kizito, Ronald ;   Mwikirize, Cosmas

Tags Bioinformatics for health monitoringEmerging IT for efficient/low-cost healthcare deliveryElectronic health records

Complications during pregnancy and childbirth are the leading cause of death among women and neonates in developing countries. To mitigate...

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Assessing the Comorbidity Gap between Clinical Studies and Prevalence in Elderly Patient Populations

He, Zhe ;   Charness, Neil ;   Bian, Jiang ;   Hogan, William

Tags Outcome researchKnowledge discovery and managementBig Data analytics

Well-designed and well-conducted clinical studies represent gold standard approaches for generating medical evidence. However, elderly...

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Bio-Inspired Filter Banks for SSVEP-Based Brain-Computer Interfaces

Demir, Ali Fatih ;   Arslan, Huseyin ;   Uysal, Ismail

Tags Computer-aided decision making

Brain-computer interfaces (BCI) have the potential to play a vital role in future healthcare technologies by providing an alternative way of...

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Design of Automatic Insulin Injection System with Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) Signals

Jung, Changyong (Andrew) ;   Lee, Suk Jin

Tags Health information systemsInformation technologies for healthcare delivery and managementHealthcare communication networks

Diabetes is a chronic disease that causes critical health problems, and eventually leads to damage major organs. The number of people with...

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Detection of Blood Loss in Trauma Patients using Time-Frequency Analysis of Photoplethysmographic Signal

Reljin, Natasa ;   Zimmer, Gary ;   Malyuta, Yelena ;   Mendelson, Yitzhak ;   Darling, Chad ;   Chon, Ki

Tags Health data acquisition, transmission, management and visualizationPhysiological monitoringMobile health

In this study we explored the possibility of detecting blood loss in patients with hemorrhage symptoms (N=14) from photoplethysmographic...

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Development and User Feedback of Home Technology for Preventing Falls in Older Adults

Immonen, Milla Sinikka ;   Similä, Heidi ;   Arabiurrutia Altube, Elixabete ;   Cano Mañas, Maria Jose ;   Blanco Laguía, Jesús ;   Palmer García, Cristina ;   García-Gordillo, Carlos

Tags Technology and services for assisted-living and elderlyPreventive healtheHealth

Falls in older adults are an increasing problem in western societies as the population ages. The objective of this paper is to provide an...

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Identifying Peripheral Arterial Disease Cases using Natural Language Processing of Clinical Notes

Afzal, Naveed ;   Liu, Hongfang

Tags Electronic health recordsNatural Language ProcessingData mining

Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) is a chronic disease that affects millions of people worldwide. Ascertaining PAD status from clinical notes by...

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Implementation and User Testing of a System for Visualizing Continuous Health Data and Events

Al-Musawi, Mohammed ;   Ledesma, Andres ;   Nieminen, Hannu ;   Korhonen, Ilkka

Tags Health information systems and convergence of healthHealth data acquisition, transmission, management and visualizationPersonal health records

Efficient ways are needed to visualize the health status of a person and how the lifestyle, daily choices and health care actions are...

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PEPCOR – A Risk Prediction Model for Pediatric Intensive Care Units Utilizing Ventilator Days and Length of Stay

Pethiyagoda, Theruni ;   Cheng, Chihwen ;   Wang, May D. ;   Chanani, Nikhil

Tags Personalized health/precision medicineDecision support methods and systemsData mining

Great sources of concern for pediatric and neonatal intensive care units are the total resource utilization and cost of caring for very sick...

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Segmentation of Sacral Curve on Dynamic MRI for Diagnosis of Pelvic Organ

Onal, Sinan ;   Chen, Xin ;   Lai-Yuen, Susana ;   Hart, Stuart

Tags Computer-aided decision makingMedical image processing and visualizationImage registration, segmentation, and compression

Pelvic organ prolapse (POP) is a critical health condition for women. Dynamic magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is currently used for assessing...

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Semantic-Based Approach for Predicting Venous Thromboembolism using Kohonen Self Organized Map Neural Network

Sabra, Susan ;   Mahmood, Khalid ;   Alobaidi, Mazen

Tags Knowledge discovery and managementPreventive healthDecision support methods and systems

This paper presents a novel semantic-based approach to analyze clinical documentation in order to predict the first occurrence of...

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Towards Clinically Relevant Automatic Assessment of Upper-Limb Motor Function Impairment

Lee, Seung-Hee ;   Kim, Jonghyun ;   Song, Minsu

Tags Informatics for chronic disease managementDisease profiling and personalized treatmentInformation technologies for the management of patient safety and clinical outcomes

This paper is to develop an automated assessment system of upper-limb motor function impairment for clinical environment. Although we had...

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Using CART to Minimize Data Entry Required for a Decision Aid App Assisting with Lifestyle Choices

Finkelstein, Joseph ;   Jeong, In Cheol ;   Kukafka, Rita

Tags Behavioral health informaticsPreventive healthMobile health

One of the major barriers in wide dissemination of a decision aid app called Tailored Lifestyle Conversations (TLC) was the large amount of...

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Voice-Activity Home Care System

Chen, Oscal Tzyh-Chiang ;   Tsai, Yi-Heng ;   Su, Che-Wei ;   Kuo, Po-Chen ;   Lai, Wei Chih

Tags Technology and services for home careTechnology and services for assisted-living and elderlyBehavioral health informatics

This work proposes a voice-activity home care system which can construct a life log associated with voices at home. Accordingly, the...

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