A Framework for Mapping Scalable Human Brain Anatomical Networks via Diffusion MRI

Liao, Ruizhi ;   Dou, Weibei ;   Zhang, Mingyu ;   Chen, Hongyan ;   Li, Shaowu

Tags Image analysis, processing and classificationBiomedical imaging marker extractionGraph-theoretical applications

Anatomical network analysis is considered as a significant way to study brains. The attributes of anatomical networks vary across network...

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A Robust and Adaptive Decision-Making Algorithm for Detecting Brain Networks using Functional MRI within the Spatial and Frequency Domain

Sarraf, Saman ;   Saverino, Cristina ;   Golestani, Ali Mohammad

Tags Image analysis, processing and classificationDecision support systemsAlgorithms

As the interest in functional connectivity continues to increase among neuroimaging researchers there becomes a greater need to develop an...

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Blind Image Deconvolution based on Robust Stable Edge Prediction

Li, Wei ;   Cui, Xuenan ;   Nguyen, Van Huan ;   Do, Trung Dung ;   Park, Iju ;   Kim, Hakil

Tags Microscopic imaging informaticsAlgorithmsMedical image processing and visualization

This paper proposes a robust blind deconvolution method for removing a uniform blur from microscopy images. For the estimation of the...

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Hierarchical Subdivision and Effect of ICA Model Dimensionality on the Interoceptive Task-Derived Brain Networks

Jarrahi, Behnaz ;   Mantini, Dante

Tags Image analysis, processing and classificationMedical image processing and visualizationContent-based image retrieval

Network analysis has become a tool of choice for studying functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) data. In this study, we used...

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How Divided is a Cell? Eigenphase Nuclei for Classification of Mitotic Phase in Cancer Histology Images

Awan, Ruqayya ;   Aloraidi, Nada ;   Qidwai, Uvais ;   Rajpoot, Nasir

Tags Histopathological imaging informaticsImage analysis, processing and classificationSupervised learning method

Detection of mitotic cells in histology images is an important but challenging process due to the resemblance of mitotic cells with other...

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Measurement and Comparison of Thermal and In-Bed Pressure Data towards the Prevention of Pressure Ulcers

Bennett, Stephanie Louise ;   Goubran, Rafik A.

Tags Medical image processing and visualizationSensors and sensor systemsSmart home technology

This paper begins an examination of at-risk older adult patient data (pressure and thermal) to identify patterns that may related to...

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