Alignment-Free, Self-Calibrating Elbow Angles Measurement using Inertial Sensors

Müller, Philipp ;   Begin, Marc-Andre ;   Schauer, Thomas ;   Seel, Thomas

Tags Body sensor networksWearable systems and sensorsMulti-sensor data fusion

Due to their relative ease of handling and low-cost, inertial measurement unit (IMU) based joint angle measurements are used for a widespread...

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Analysing Wireless EEG based Functional Connectivity Measures with Respect to Change in Environmental Factors

Biswas, Dwaipayan ;   Bono, Valentina ;   Scott-South, Michael ;   Chatterjee, Shre Kumar ;   Soska, Anna ;   Snow, Steve ;   Noakes, Catherine ;   Barlow, Janet F. ;   Maharatna, Koushik ;   Scharefel, MC

Tags Data inference, mining, and trend analysisPhysiological monitoringBody sensor networks

In this paper we present a systematic exploration to formulate a predictive model of the human cognitive process with the changing...

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HeartBEAT: Heart Beat Estimation through Adaptive Tracking

Pan, Huijie ;   Temel, Dogancan ;   AlRegib, Ghassan

Tags Physiological monitoringAlgorithmsWearable systems and sensors

In this paper, we propose an algorithm denoted as HeartBEAT that tracks heart rate from wrist-type photoplethysmography (PPG) signals and...

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Motion and Noise Artifact-Resilient Atrial Fibrillation Detection Algorithm for a Smartphone

Chong, Jo Woon ;   Cho, Chae Ho ;   Esa, Nada ;   McManus, David ;   Chon, Ki

Tags Sensor-based mHealth applicationsPhysiological monitoringSensors and sensor systems

We have developed a motion and noise artifact (MNA)-resilient atrial fibrillation (AF) detection algorithm for smartphones that eliminates MNAs,...

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Nonlinear Dimension Reduction for EEG-Based Epileptic Seizure Detection

Birjandtalab, Javad ;   Baran Pouyan, Maziyar ;   Nourani, Mehrdad

Tags Physiological monitoringPatient trackingMachine learning

Approximately 0.1 percent of epileptic patients die from unexpected deaths. In general, for intractable seizures, it is crucial to have an...

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Vog-Enhanced Ica for Removing Blink and Eye-Movement Artefacts from EEG

Haji Samadi, Mohammad Reza ;   Zakeri, Zohreh ;   Cooke, Neil

Tags Wearable systems and sensorsWireless sensors and systemsMachine learning

The steady-state visual evoked potential (SSVEP) is reliable for many paradigms such as clinical neuroscience and brain computer interfaces...

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