A Reliable Alternative of OptKnock for Desirable Mutant Microbial Strains

Apaydin, Meltem ;   Zeng, Bo ;   Qian, Xiaoning

Tags Computational systems biologyAlgorithms

With the foundation of Flux balance analysis (FBA), optimization methods are developed to suggest optimal knockout strategies to achieve the...

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Early Disease Correlated Protein Detection using Early Response Index (ERI)

Salekin, Sirajul ;   Bari, Mehrab Ghanat ;   Itay, Raphael ;   Forsthuber, Thomas G. ;   Zhang, Jianqiu (Michelle)

Tags AlgorithmsGene expression pattern recognition

Finding disease correlated proteins with significant expression changes before the clinical onset stage of disease is of great interest to...

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Integration of Multi-Modal Biomedical Data to Predict Cancer Grade and Patient Survival

Phan, John H. ;   Hoffman, Ryan ;   Kothari, Sonal ;   Wu, Po-Yen ;   Wang, May D.

Tags Integration of multi-modality omic dataHistopathological imaging informaticsDecision support systems

The Big Data era in Biomedical research has resulted in large-cohort data repositories such as The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA). These...

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Optimal Dynamics Uncertainty Reduction in Gene Networks in the Presence of Experimental Error

Mohsenizadeh, Daniel N. ;   Dehghannasiri, Roozbeh ;   Dougherty, Edward

Tags Dynamic modeling of biomolecular regulatory and signaling networksComputational systems biologySupervised learning method

We present an experimental design method for choosing optimal experiments to reduce dynamics uncertainty in dynamical gene networks. The...

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