A Wearable System for Long-Term Ubiquitous Monitoring of Common Motor Symptoms in Patients with Parkinson's Disease

Fotiadis, Dimitrios I. ;   Tzallas, Alexandros ;   Tsipouras, Markos G. ;   Tsalikakis, Dimitrios ;   Pastorino, Matteo ;   Konitsiotis, Spiros ;   Karvounis, Evaggelos ;   Cancela, Jorge ;   Arredondo, María Teresa

Tags Health information systems for chronic disease managementSensor networks and systems for pervasive healthcareWearable systems and sensors

PERFORM is a system for the monitoring, assessment and management of patients with Parkinson's disease (PD). It consists of three...

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An Ambient Intelligent Monitoring System to Improve the Independency of the Elderly with Balance Disorders Indoors

Fotiadis, Dimitrios I. ;   Bakola, Iliana ;   Bellos, Christos ;   Bibas, Thanos ;   Koutsouris, Dimitrios

Tags Wearable systems and sensorsSensor networks and systems for pervasive healthcareBiomedical data mining

This paper presents a provisional architecture of an intelligent and highly automated home environment, particularly targeted for elderly...

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Bed Exit Prediction Based on Movement and Posture Data

Harma, Aki ;   Espina, Javier ;   Ten Kate, Warner

Tags Biomedical pattern recognitionInformation technologies for the management of patient safety and clinical outcomesWearable systems and sensors

Falls in nursing homes and hospitals take often place immediately after a bed exit of a patient. An alarm signaling the exit from the bed may...

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Design of a Gamification System to Support Family-Based Behavioral Interventions for Childhood Obesity

Arredondo, María Teresa ;   Cancela, Jorge ;   Fico, Giuseppe ;   Hu, Ruofei

Tags Computer games for healthcareE-communities, social networks and social mediaInformation technologies for healthcare service delivery

Childhood obesity is becoming one of the most serious public health problems both in health and economic terms. This paper introduces a...

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Monitoring the Impact of Stress on the Sleep Patterns of Pilgrims Using Wearable Sensors

Muaremi, Amir ;   Arnrich, Bert ;   Bexheti, Agon ;   Gravenhorst, Franz ;   Troster, Gerhard

Tags Affective computing for healthcareDisease diagnostic and prognostic modelsWearable systems and sensors

This work presents an approach for detecting pilgrims' stress levels using their nightly sleep patterns and identifying the most relevant...

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Personalizable Smartphone Application for Detecting Falls

Medrano, Carlos ;   Fardoun, Habib M. ;   Igual, Raul ;   Castro, Manuel ;   Plaza, Inmaculada

Tags Wearable systems and sensorsMobile systemsAssistive and adaptive ubiquitous computing

A personalizable fall detector system is presented in this paper. It relies on a semisupervised novelty detection technique and has been...

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