A Real-Time System to Aid Clinical Classification and Quantification of Tremor in Parkinson's Disease

Palma, Lorenzo ;   Belli, Alberto ;   Pernini, Luca ;   Pierleoni, Paola

Tags Disease profiling and personalized treatmentIntelligent medical devices and sensorsWearable systems and sensors

The availability of an objective clinical evaluation in the diagnosis and monitoring of parkinson's disease is a primary importance objective in...

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Analysis and Visualization of Metabolic Pathways and Networks: A Hypergraph Approach

Maniadi, Evaggelia ;   Tollis, Ioannis

Tags Display and visualization of medical data

Metabolic pathways are series of chemical reactions occurring in a cell. Various graph-based models are used to represent metabolic data....

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Design of Games for Measurement of Cognitive Impairment

Wallace, Raymond Bruce ;   Goubran, Rafik A. ;   Knoefel, Frank-Dietrich ;   McAvoy, Alexander ;   Petriu, Mihaela

Tags Intelligent medical devices and sensorsMedical signal acquisition, archiving and communication

This paper presents the design and validation of two computer games for the monitoring and measurement of cognitive change. Computer games...

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Non-Contact Monitoring of Respiratory Function via Depth Sensing

Bernal, Edgar A. ;   Mestha, Lalit, K. ;   Shilla, Eribaweimon

Tags Disease diagnostic and prognostic modelsImaging modalitiesIntelligent medical devices and sensors

Monitoring respiratory events is of clinical importance in the early detection of potentially fatal conditions. Current technologies involve...

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Simultaneous Electroencephalography and Photoacoustic Monitoring of Seizure in Free Moving Rats

Wang, Bo ;   Zhou, Shuai ;   Xiao, Jiaying ;   Peng, Kuan

Tags Disease diagnostic and prognostic modelsContinuous monitoring and streaming technologies for healthcareAnalysis and processing of biomedical signals

Study of epilepsy in free moving animals provides the accurate information of this disease. While it has been proved that hemodynamic changes...

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Two-Stage Computational Bio-Network Discovery Approach for Metabolites: Ovarian Cancer as a Case Study

Seker, Huseyin ;   Akutekwe, Arinze

Tags Biomedical pattern recognitionComputer-aided diagnosisDisease profiling and personalized treatment

Machine learning and other computational techniques have been applied in identifying biomarkers and constructing computational predictive...

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