A Virtual PHR Authorization System

Poulymenopoulou, Mikaela ;   Malamateniou, Flora ;   Vassilacopoulos, George

Tags Cloud computing for healthcareIntelligent personal health recordsPrivacy and security in healthcare

Cloud computing and Internet of things (IOT) technologies can support a new generation of PHR systems which are provided as cloud services...

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Data Quality in European Primary Care Research Databases. Report of a Workshop Held in London September 2013

Tate, Rosemary ;   Williams, Dr Timothy ;   Puri, Shivani ;   Kalra, Dipak ;   Boggon, Rachael ;   Beloff, Natalia

Tags Statistics and quality of medical dataCleaning, pre-processing, and ensuring quality and integrity of medical dataApplications in electronic health records

Primary care research databases provide a significant resource for health services and epidemiological research. However since data are...

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DICOM Traffic Generator based on Behavior Profiles

Viana-Ferreira, Carlos ;   Costa, Carlos

Tags DICOM and other standardsHealth systems simulationPACS (Picture Archiving and Communication Systems)

Recent advances in medical imaging systems demands solutions for minimization of latency of communications in the access of data stored in...

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Health District Drug Management Tools in the Comunidad Valenciana Health System

Sancho-Mestre, Carla ;   Vivas-Consuelo, David ;   Uso Talamantes, Ruth ;   Trillo Mata, Jose Luis ;   Saurí Ferrer, Inmaculada ;   Mendez Valera, Pablo ;   Buigues Pastor, Laia ;   Bru Sanchis, Juan

Tags Clinical information systemsHealth information systems for chronic disease managementPharmaco- and pharmacy informatics systems

This paper presents two software tools developed by the Conselleria de Sanitat CV (Valencia Regional Health Dept.) to improve pharmaceutical...

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Scalable Health Management System based on Self-Organizing Software Platform

Bae, Sungchul ;   Lee, Do-Youn ;   Kim, Il Kon

Tags Interoperability and data representation in healthcare deliveryHealth systems simulationHealth information systems for chronic disease management

A health management service is to measure, record, and manage the vital signs of users. The information technology field is always evolving,...

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Yourehrm: Standard-Based Management of Your Personal Healthcare Information

Cavero Barca, Carlos ;   Sanguino, María Angeles ;   Rodríguez, Juan Mario ;   Ramos Maia Martins, Ivo ;   Quintero, Ana María ;   Pariente Lobo, Tomás ;   Martínez, Iván ;   Marcos Lagunar, Carlos

Tags Clinical information systemsDatabase design for health information systemsInteroperability and data representation in healthcare delivery

The standardisation of the architecture of electronic healthcare records is essential for two reasons: i) the records are being used to...

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