Brain Structural Underpinnings of Autism Spectrum Disorder Revealed by Sulcus-Based Morphometry

Auzias, Guillaume ;   Villeneuve, Nathalie ;   Viellard, Marine ;   Takerkart, Sylvain ;   Poinso, François ;   Girard, Nadine ;   Deruelle, Christine ;   Da Fonséca, David

Tags Data mining, medical image databasesImage analysis, processing and classificationImage registration, segmentation, compression and visualization

Autism Spectrum Disorder is associated with an altered early brain development. However, the specific cortical structure abnormalities...

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Dense Feature Correspondence for Video-Based Endoscope Three-Dimensional Motion Tracking

Wan, Ying ;   He, Xiangjian ;   Wu, Qiang

Tags Image registration, segmentation, compression and visualizationMedical roboticsVirtual and augmented reality for healthcare

This paper presents an improved video-based endoscope tracking approach on the basis of dense feature correspondence. Currently...

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Gender Classification based on SVM and Hair-Style Detection

Cai, Xiaodong ;   Bi, Weiwei ;   Liang, Jianyong ;   Liu, Shuangcheng ;   Zhang, Li

Tags Image analysis, processing and classification

This paper has been removed from the conference proceedings.

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Mass Detection based on Pooled Mass Probability Map of 3D Reconstructed Slices in Digital Breast Tomosynthesis

Kim, Seong Tae ;   Ro, Yong Man ;   Kim, Dae Hoe ;   Cha, Eun Suk

Tags Image registration, segmentation, compression and visualizationImage analysis, processing and classificationComputer-aided diagnosis

In this paper, we propose a novel approach for automated detection of breast masses in three-dimensional (3D) reconstructed slices on...

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Medical Imaging Archiving: A Comparison between Several NoSQL Solutions

Bastião Silva, Luís A. ;   Oliveira, José Luis ;   Costa, Carlos ;   Beroud, Louis

Tags Cloud computing for healthcareDICOM and other standardsPACS (Picture Archiving and Communication Systems)

The use of digital medical imaging systems has greatly increased in healthcare institutions and they are currently valuable tools supporting...

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Study of Skeletal Muscle Behavior by PET/MRI.

García, David ;   Delattre, Bénédicte M.A. ;   Ratib, Osman ;   Seimbille, Yann ;   Trombella, Sara

Tags Display and visualization of medical dataImage analysis, processing and classificationImaging modalities

Increasingly aging population is leading to higher prevalence of musculoskeletal disorders and related muscular dysfunctions, requiring new...

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