A Pragmatic Approach for Measuring Data Quality in Primary Care Databases

Tate, Rosemary ;   Puri, Shivani ;   Dungey, Sheena ;   Boggon, Rachael ;   Beloff, Natalia ;   Williams, Dr Timothy

Tags Applications in electronic health recordsClinical information systemsEvaluation of health information systems

There is currently no widely recognised methodology for undertaking data quality assessment in electronic health records used for research....

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A proposal of architecture to share patients data out of healthcare settings for research purposes

Hernandez, Liss ;   Onieva, Jorge ;   Fico, Giuseppe ;   Cancela, Jorge ;   Dagliati, Arianna ;   Bucalo, Mauro ;   Sacchi, Lucia ;   Bellazzi, Riccardo ;   Arredondo, María Teresa

Tags Large-scale longitudinal mining of medical recordsHigh-performance computing for healthcareBiomedical data mining

The emerging of new Information and Communications Technologies (ICT), the aging population and the increased number of people suffering from...

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Multilevel and Multiscale Modeling Approach for VPH-Based Prediction of Oral Cancer Reoccurrences. Results of the FP7 NeoMark Project

Martinelli, Elena ;   Exarchos, Konstantinos ;   Poli, Tito ;   Steger, Sebastian

Tags Disease diagnostic and prognostic modelsDisease profiling and personalized treatmentPersonalized predictive modeling for clinical

We present the approach adopted in the frame of EC-funded NeoMark project to stratify patients at high vs. low risk for reoccurrence of...

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Temporal Abstractions to Enrich Activity-Based Process Mining Corpus with Clinical Time Series

Fernandez-Llatas, Carlos ;   Traver, Vicente ;   Sacchi, Lucia ;   Dagliati, Arianna ;   Benedí, Jose Miguel ;   Bellazzi, Riccardo

Tags Analytics for clinical careData analytics for healthcare quality assuranceHealthcare workflow mining

The design of clinical protocols for improving the quality of care in an efficient way is one of the challenges for the deployment of Evidence...

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TILDA Signal Processing Framework (SPF) for the Analysis of BP Responses to Standing in Epidemiological and Clinical Studies

Soraghan, Christopher ;   Finucane, Ciaran ;   Fan, Chie Wei ;   Cronin, Hilary ;   Foran, Tim ;   Hayakawa, Tomoaki ;   Kenny, Rose Anne ;   Boyle, Gerard

Tags Analysis and processing of biomedical signalsCleaning, pre-processing, and ensuring quality and integrity of medical dataMedical data management

The Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing (TILDA) collected phasic blood pressure (pBP) data on over 5,000 participants in Wave 1. This required a...

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