Detection of Artifacts in Oscillometric Pulsations Signals

Havlik, Jan ;   Dvorak, Jan ;   Lhotska, Lenka ;   Martinovska, Zuzana

Tags Analysis and processing of biomedical signalsCleaning, pre-processing, and ensuring quality and integrity of medical dataMedical signal acquisition, archiving and communication

A measurement of blood pressure is a basic diagnostic technique for examining of the cardiovascular system. There are a lot of methods for...

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Novel Bayesian Classifier Discriminant Function Optimization Strategies for Arrhythmia Classification

Ahmed, Aya ;   Owis, Mohamed ;   Yassine, Inas

Tags Analysis and processing of biomedical signalsBiomedical pattern recognition

Cardiac arrhythmia is considered to be one of the most critical addressed problems leading to death. Thus, Computer Aided Diagnosis (CAD)...

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Simultaneous Chemiluminescence Detection of Multiple Tumor Markers Using Bio-Functionlized Magnetic Nanocomposites

Cai, Xinxia ;   Yang, Yue ;   Yan, Shi ;   Luo, Jinping ;   Liu, Juntao

Tags Analysis and processing of biomedical signalsAnalytics for clinical careDisease diagnostic and prognostic models

Detection of tumor marker is an effective and low cost means in the early diagnosis of lung cancer, especially multiple tumor markers combined...

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Swallowscope: A Smartphone Based Device for the Assessment of Swallowing Ability

Jayatilake, Dushyantha ;   Eguchi, Kiyoshi ;   Hidaka, Kikue ;   Ayuzawa, Satoshi ;   Matsumura, Akira ;   Nakai, Kei ;   Suzuki, Kenji ;   Teramoto, Yohei ;   Ueno, Tomoyuki

Tags Biomedical pattern recognitionContinuous monitoring and streaming technologies for healthcareMobile systems

Dysphagia can cause serious challenges to both physical and mental health. Aspiration due to dysphagia is a major health risk that could...

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Time Frequency Noise Canceller for an Optimized Separation of the ECG from Low Back sEMG Signals

Djellatou, Mohamed El Fares ;   Daniel, Massicotte ;   Boukadoum, Mounir

Tags Display and visualization of medical dataBiomedical modeling and simulationAnalysis and processing of biomedical signals

This work describes a hybrid adaptive filtering technique, designed to optimize the removal of the electrocardiogram (ECG) from surface...

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