A Novel Tool for Detecting Buruli Ulcer Disease based on Multispectral Image Analysis on Handheld Devices

Zouridakis, George ;   Queen, Courtney ;   Hu, Rui

Tags Image analysis, processing and classificationHealthcare delivery in developing countriesAssistive and adaptive ubiquitous computing

n this paper, we propose a new approach for detecting Buruli ulcer disease automatically based on computerized analysis of multispectral...

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An Intelligent Mobile Diabetes Management and Educational System for Saudi Arabia (System Architecture)

alotaibi, Mohammed ;   Sungoor, Ala ;   Philip, Nada ;   Istepanian, Robert

Tags Healthcare delivery in developing countriesHealthcare workflow managementInformation technologies for healthcare service delivery

This paper presents an intelligent mobile diabetes management and educational system for Saudi Arabia for patients with type 2 diabetes...

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Convergent Validity of an Application for Hand Anthropometric Measurement

Massiris, Manlio ;   Maestre-Meyer, Marla Lucía ;   Oviedo-Trespalacios, Oscar ;   Peñabaena Niebles, Rita

Tags Human factors - ergonomics - in health information systemsMedical biometrics

There is a need to know the anthropometric parameters of each population to improve the ergonomic design of tools, workstations and...

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Indoor Activity Monitoring System for Elderly using RFID and FitBit Flex Wristband

Gochoo, Munkhjargal ;   Tan, Hsu-Tan ;   Shih, Fu-Jin ;   Jean, Fu-Rong ;   Ho, Chiung Fang ;   Chen, Yung-Fu ;   Chen, Ke-Hao

Tags RFID solutions for healthcareTelemedicine and telecareWearable systems and sensors

An indoor activity monitoring system for the elderly is proposed in this paper by using a Fitbit Flex wristband (FFW) and an active RFID. Two...

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Retrieval of Trustworthy Health Videos from YouTube

Karlsen, Randi ;   Borrás Morell, Jose Enrique ;   Fernandez-Luque, Luis ;   Traver, Vicente

Tags Consumer health and wellness informatics applicationsHealth informatics education and e-learning

Health information retrieval and YouTube can be used as powerful tools aimed to improve users' health knowledge. However, YouTube videos must...

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Synthetic Ground Truth Data Generation for Automatic Trajectory-Based ADL Detection

Tzovaras, Dimitrios ;   Giakoumis, Dimitris ;   Karagiannidis, Charalampos ;   Papamakarios, Georgios ;   Segkouli, Sofia ;   Votis, Konstantinos

Tags Computational support for patient-centered and evidence-based careSensor networks and systems for pervasive healthcareTelemedicine and telecare

In-house automatic activity detection is highly important toward the automatic evaluation of the resident's cognitive state. However, current...

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