A Motion Accuracy Evaluator Based on Body Parts Movement by MapReduce Video Processing

Lee, Chonho ;   Lee, Bu Sung ;   Liu, Yi ;   Terada, Yu

Tags Cloud computing for healthcareImage analysis, processing and classificationInformation technologies for healthcare service delivery

This paper presents a healthcare application that tracks body parts movement in video recording persons who exercise, analyzes the motor...

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A Verification Methodology for Wireless Body Sensor Network Functionality

Al Hamadi, Hussam ;   Gawanmeh, Amjad ;   Al-Qutayri, Mahmoud

Tags Biomedical modeling and simulationEvaluation of health information systemsHealth risk evaluation and modeling

Modern healthcare systems benefit from the phenomenal advances that continue to be made in ICT. These advances have resulted in the...

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Multi-Purpose Mobile Monitoring System Based on Automatic Extraction of Rule-Sets

De Falco, Ivanoe ;   De Pietro, Giuseppe ;   Sannino, Giovanna

Tags Computational intelligence methodologies for healthcareMobile systemsWearable systems and sensors

Real-time tele-monitoring technology is very useful for remotely monitoring patients' vital parameters and for ensuring mobility of both...

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Subject-Specific Assessment of Loading Variation in the Knee Ligaments with a View to Preoperative Planning

Chincisan, Andra ;   Choi, Hon Fai ;   Assassi, Lazhari ;   Lynch, Sean ;   Hurschler, Christof ;   Magnenat-Thalmann, Nadia

Tags Health risk evaluation and modelingDisease diagnostic and prognostic modelsBiomedical modeling and simulation

The human knee joint is a complex joint of the human body that experiences large loads. The knee stability is mainly ensured by four major...

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