Artificial Neural Networks in Hard Tissue Engineering: Another Look at Age-Dependence of Trabecular Bone Properties in Osteoarthritis

Khovanova, Natasha ;   Mallick, Kajal ;   Shaikhina, Torgyn

Tags Biomedical modeling and simulationComputational intelligence methodologies for healthcareComputational modeling and simulations in biology, physiology and medicine

Artificial Neural Network (ANN) model has been developed to correlate age of severely osteoarthritic male and female specimens with key...

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Extension to Distributed Annotation System: Summary Command

Chrysostomou, Charalambos

Tags 3D visualization and multimediaGene regulation, annotation of genesSequence analysis

Using the current version of the Distributed Annotation System (DAS) protocol to obtain data from large regions of interest from remote...

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Human Chromosome Classification Using Competitive Neural Network Teams (CNNT) and Nearest Neighbor

Gagula Palalic, Sadina ;   Can, Mehmet

Tags Biomedical pattern recognitionData mining, medical image databasesImage analysis, processing and classification

This paper presents a novel approach to human chromosome classification. Human cell contains 22 pairs of autosomes and a pair of sex...

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Machine Learning for the Prediction of Antibacterial Susceptibility in Mycobacterium Tuberculosis

Clifton, David ;   Walker, Timothy ;   Peto, Tim ;   Niehaus, Katherine ;   Crook, Derrick

Tags Sequence analysisPublic health informaticsDisease diagnostic and prognostic models

The prevalence of antibiotic resistance in pathogens is far outpacing our ability to develop new antibiotics. This necessitates the development...

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Practical Distributed Computation of Maximal Exact Matches in the Cloud

Seif, Sondos ;   Abouelhoda, Mohamed

Tags Sequence analysis

Computation of maximal exact matches (MEMs) is an important problem in comparing genomic sequences. Optimal sequential algorithms for...

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