A Method for Modeling Surrounding Tissue Support and Its Global Effects on Arterial Hemodynamics

Itu, Lucian ;   Suciu, Constantin

Tags Biomedical modeling and simulationPhysiological modeling

We propose a methodology for separating the total stiffness of arteries, determined in vivo, into stiffness of the arterial wall and stiffness...

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AITION: A Scalable KDD Platform for Big Data Healthcare

Dimitropoulos, Harry ;   Ioannidis, Yannis ;   MD-Paedigree, MD ;   Metaxas, Omiros

Tags Biomedical data miningHealthcare workflow miningPersonalized predictive modeling for clinical

We propose a comprehensive information processing, knowledge discovery and simulation platform for Big Data Healthcare. In addition, we...

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Clinical Data Governance: Legal and Ethical Challenges

Thiel, Rainer ;   Stroetmann, Karl A. ;   Singleton, Peter S

Tags Telemedicine and telecareMedical data managementCloud computing for healthcare

This paper will identify the legal and ethical challenges in Europe of clinical data governance in health informatics and classify the various...

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Multi Atlas-Based Segmentation with an Intensity Feature Refinement

Jimenez del Toro, Oscar Alfonso ;   Müller, Henning

Tags Data mining, medical image databasesImage analysis, processing and classificationImage registration, segmentation, compression and visualization

Anatomical structure segmentation is the basis for further image analysis processes. Although there are many available segmentation methods...

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Towards Cloud-Based Image-Integrated Similarity Search in Big Data

Tsymbal, Alexey ;   Kelm, B. Michael ;   Kramer, Martin ;   Meissner, Eugen

Tags Biomedical data miningData mining, medical image databasesVisual analytics for healthcare

The volume of data accumulated by institutions and individuals and containing valuable and even critical information grows steadily with time...

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