A Basic Study on a Method of Evaluating 3-Dimentional Foot Movements in Walking

Watanabe, Takashi ;   Shiotani, Maho

Tags Disease profiling and personalized treatmentMobile systemsWearable systems and sensors

Lower limb motor function is important for activities of daily living. Since gait movements of elderly subjects differ from those of young...

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A Communicable Disease Prediction Benchmarking Platform

Bellika, Johan Gustav ;   Yigzaw, Kassaye Yitbarek

Tags Bio-surveillancePublic health informatics

Objectives: 1) provide a platform for comparison and benchmarking of disease prediction algorithms and mathematical models. 2) use the...

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Feature Extraction from Ear-Worn Sensor Data for Gait Analysis

Li, Ling ;   Atallah, Louis ;   Lo, Benny ;   Yang, Guang-Zhong

Tags Wearable systems and sensors

Gait analysis has a significant role in assessing human's walking pattern. It is generally used in sports science for understanding body...

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Literature Review on Wearable Systems in Upper Extremity Rehabilitation

Wang, Qi ;   Chen, Wei ;   Markopoulos, Panos

Tags Wearable systems and sensorsIntelligent medical devices and sensors

This paper reports a structured literature survey of research in wearable technology for upper-extremity rehabilitation, e.g., after stroke,...

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Proposal of Use of Smartphones to Evaluate and Diagnose Depression and Anxiety Symptoms During Pregnancy and after Birth

Plaza, Inmaculada ;   Serrano, Raquel ;   Osma, Jorge ;   Medrano, Carlos ;   Crespo, Elena

Tags Assistive and adaptive ubiquitous computingMobile systems

In this work the development and use of mobile applications for pregnant women is investigated. The state of the art reveals the need of...

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Using the Smartphone Camera to Monitor Heart Rate and Rhythm in Heart Failure Patients

Belchior Teles Lagido, Ricardo ;   Polónia Lobo, Joana ;   Magalhães Silva Cardoso, José Carlos ;   Lopes Mariano Machado Leite, Sérgio ;   Ferreira, Liliana ;   Castanheira de Sousa Gonçalves, Carla Margarida

Tags Analysis and processing of biomedical signalsBiomedical pattern recognitionMobile systems

Telemonitoring is a tool with proven results demonstrating clinical benefits in reducing mortality and hospitalizations. In this context, heart...

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