A Platform for Developing Privacy Preserving Diagnosis Mobile Applications

Ucan, Sanem ;   Gu, Huanying

Tags Cognitive and decision support systemsNatural language processing and text miningPrivacy and security in healthcare

Healthcare Information Technology has been in great vogue in the world today due to the dominant need of computational intelligence for...

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An Entry Generation Pipeline for Converting Free-Text Medical Document into Clinical Document Architecture Document with Entry-Level

Liou, Der-Ming ;   Tsao, Hsiao-mei ;   Lin, Ching-Heng ;   Lee, Li-Hui ;   Lai, Wei-Shao

Tags Natural language processing and text miningDevelopment and implementation of medical data and vocabulary standardsApplications in electronic health records

The Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) is a widely adopted international standard for clinical documents design; the CDA document with coded...

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Electroencephalographic Complexity Markers Explain Neuropsychological Test Scores in Alzheimer?s Disease

Garn, Heinrich ;   Santer, Peter ;   Schmidt, Helena ;   Schmidt, Reinhold ;   Seiler, Stephan ;   Waser, Markus ;   Sanin, Guenter ;   Ransmayr, Gerhard ;   Grossegger, Dieter ;   Fruehwirt, Wolfgang ;   Deistler, Manfred ;   Dal-Bianco, Peter ;   Caravias, Georg ;   Benke, Thomas

Tags Analysis and processing of biomedical signalsBiomedical pattern recognitionComputer-aided diagnosis

We investigated the correlation of Alzheimer?s disease (AD) severity as measured by the Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) to the signal...

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Multi-Task Gaussian Process Models for Biomedical Applications

Clifton, David ;   Clifton, Lei ;   Duerichen, Robert ;   Pimentel, Marco A.F. ;   Schweikard, Achim

Tags Analysis and processing of biomedical signalsBiomedical pattern recognition

Gaussian process (GP) models are a flexible means of performing non-parametric Bayesian regression. However, the majority of existing work...

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Multivariate Statistical Analysis for Dermatological Disease Diagnosis

Barreto, Alexandre Serra

Tags Biomedical data miningBiomedical pattern recognition

The differential diagnosis of some erythemato-squamous diseases is a major problem in dermatology. This is the case with: psoriasis,...

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Real-time apnea detection using pressure sensor and tri-axial accelerometer

Pernini, Luca ;   Belli, Alberto ;   Palma, Lorenzo ;   Pierleoni, Paola

Tags Analysis and processing of biomedical signalsIntelligent medical devices and sensorsWearable systems and sensors

Respiratory disorders, if diagnosed late and untreated, may cause the advancement of many pathologies especially pertaining the...

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