A Graphical User Interface for an External Fixation System

Avşar, Ercan ;   Akçalı, Ibrahim Deniz ;   Ün, Mustafa Kerem

Tags Biomedical modeling and simulation

Usage of Stewart Platform in orthopedics is a challenging task because there are numerous parameters, some of which are obtained from...

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Contempo: A Home Care Model to Enhance the Wellbeing of Elderly People

Kurnianingsih, Kurnianingsih ;   Widyawan, Widyawan ;   Selo, Selo ;   Nugroho, Lukito Edi ;   Lazuardi, Lutfan ;   Ferdiana, Ridi

Tags Biomedical modeling and simulationSensor networks and systems for pervasive healthcare

Fast growing population of elderly people has recently been a serious issue in many countries and becomes a global concern in the world. Most...

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Generalised Stochastic Model for Characterisation of Subcutaneous Glucose Time Series

Khovanova, Natasha ;   Zhang, Yan ;   Holt, Tim

Tags Analysis and processing of biomedical signalsBiomedical modeling and simulationPersonalized predictive modeling for clinical

A generalised stochastic model with second order differential equations has been proposed to describe the response of blood glucose...

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Modeling Cervix Cancer Growth and Response to Radiation Therapy: A Validation Study Using Patient Volumetric Tumor Data

Belfatto, Antonella ;   Riboldi, Marco ;   Orecchia, Roberto ;   Lazzari, Roberta ;   Jereczek, Barbara Alicja ;   Garbey, Marc ;   Ciardo, Delia ;   Cerveri, Pietro ;   Cecconi, Agnese ;   Baroni, Guido

Tags Personalized predictive modeling for clinicalDisease diagnostic and prognostic modelsBiomedical modeling and simulation

Mathematical modeling of the tumor response to therapy may provide a meaningful contribution to enhance the therapeutic planning and adjust...

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Non-Invasive Calculation of Non-Linear ESPVR: Theoretical Study and Clinical Applications

Shoucri, Rachad M.

Tags Biomedical modeling and simulationDisease diagnostic and prognostic modelsPhysiological modeling

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Predictability of Unplanned Extubations

Fule, Balazs ;   Duncan, Heather ;   Lowe, David ;   Matam, Basava Rajeswari

Tags Biomedical data miningBiomedical pattern recognitionPersonalized predictive modeling for clinical

Acute life threatening events such as cardiac/respiratory arrests are often predictable in adults and children. However critical events such...

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