A Protocol Architecture for Energy Efficient and Pervasive Ehealth Systems

Tennina, Stefano ;   Di Renzo, Marco ;   Kartsakli, Elli ;   Graziosi, Fabio ;   Lalos, Aris S. ;   Antonopoulos, Angelos ;   Mekikis, Prodromos Vasileios ;   Alonso, Luis ;   Verikoukis, Christos

Tags Assistive and adaptive ubiquitous computingMobile systemsSensor networks and systems for pervasive healthcare

The design of new and more pervasive healthcare systems has been fostered by the increased expectancy of life in the coming years. In this...

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An Ambient Assisted Living Framework for Mobile Environments

Rodrigues, Joel ;   Lloret, Jaime ;   Sendra, Sendra ;   Silva, Bruno ;   Tiago, Simões

Tags Continuous monitoring and streaming technologies for healthcareMobile systemsWearable systems and sensors

Ambient assisted living (AAL) delivers IT solutions that aim to facilitate and improve lives of the disabled, elderly, and chronically ill people....

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An Intelligent Brain Machine Interface with Wireless Micro-Stimulation and Neural Recording

Ma, Hsi-Pin ;   Yeh, Shih-Rung ;   Lee, Yi-Ting ;   Huang, Po-Chiun ;   Chuang, Chi-Fen ;   Chiu, Hung-Chih ;   Chang, Yen-Chung

Tags Healthcare knowledge abstraction, classification and summarizationIntelligent medical devices and sensorsMedical signal acquisition, archiving and communication

This work presents an intelligent wireless brain machine interface with a biomedical core, two-channel micro-stimulating and neural recording....

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Jamming Attack Detection in Wireless Body Area Networks

Makke, Ali ;   Mehaoua, Ahmed

Tags Sensor networks and systems for pervasive healthcarePrivacy and security in healthcare

This paper has been removed from the conference proceedings.

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TICE.Healthy: A Perspective on Medical Information Integration

Garcia, Nuno M. ;   Garcia, Nuno C ;   Oliveira, Daniel ;   Alexandre, Celina ;   Felizardo, Virginie ;   Sousa, Paula

Tags DICOM and other standardsHealth portalsTelemedicine and telecare

This paper describes a perspective on medical information integration as implemented by the Portuguese Program TICE-Healthy. The eight...

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