Conceptual Schema of Breast Cancer: The Background to Design an Efficient Information System to Manage Data from Diagnosis and Treatment of Breast Cancer Patients

Burriel, Verónica ;   Pastor, Oscar

Tags Medical data managementDatabase design for health information systemsCleaning, pre-processing, and ensuring quality and integrity of medical data

Diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer is a complicated task which is aggravated by managing the information generated during these...

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FPGT: An Online System for Customized Fetal and Pediatric Growth Tracking

Vaira, Lucia ;   Bochicchio, Mario ;   Longo, Antonella ;   Malvasi, Antonio ;   Tinelli, Andrea

Tags Business intelligence and data warehousing for healthcareCloud computing for healthcareDatabase design for health information systems

Growth tracking is an important diagnostic tool in perinatal medicine, because of its simplicity, low cost and sensitivity to several pathologies....

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Integrated Digital Care Framework for Successful Aging

Chawla, Nitesh ;   Willaert, Patty ;   Waghray, Disha ;   Raybold, Debra ;   Mikels-Carrasco, Waldo ;   Feldman, Keith ;   Dasgupta, Dipanwita

Tags Health information systems for chronic disease managementMobile systems

The “Successful aging” or aging well is defined as having the following components: managing chronic conditions, maintaining physical and mental...

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Modeling of Community Pharmacy Dispensing Process

Noumeir, Rita ;   Rose, Jose

Tags Healthcare workflow managementPharmaco- and pharmacy informatics systems

To improve patient's care, relevant patient's health information needs to be accessed at the decision point. When dispensing medications to...

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R&D of Versatile Distributed e-Home Healthcare System for Cardiovascular Disease Monitoring and Diagnosis

MA, Jia-Li ;   Dong, Ming Chui

Tags Health information systems for chronic disease managementMobile systemsSystem integration for healthcare

The vigorous development of electronic health (e-health) breeds many healthcare applications, such as telemedicine and healthcare monitoring....

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Semantic Interoperability in the OR.NET Project on Networking of Medical Devices and Information Systems - a Requirements Analysis

Andersen, Björn ;   Ulrich, Hannes ;   Kock, Ann-Kristin ;   Wrage, Jan-Hinrich ;   Ingenerf, Josef

Tags Development and implementation of medical data and vocabulary standardsInteroperability and data representation in healthcare deliverySystem integration for healthcare

OR.NET is the German national flagship project on networking of medical devices and information systems. Its objective is to define, implement...

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