An Improvement of Skin Aging Assessment by Non-Invasive Laser Speckle Effect: A Comparative Texture Analysis

Seker, Huseyin ;   Orun, Ahmet ;   Uslan, Volkan

Tags Computer-aided diagnosisDisplay and visualization of medical dataIntelligent medical devices and sensors

Skin aging is a complex biological process that is yet to be successfully modelled as it depends on various internal and external factors. This...

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CGU Smart Clothes Platform ? Development of a Gateway Device and Real-Time Mobile Display

Ma, Yung-Cheng ;   Chao, Yi-Ping ;   Tsai, Tzung You ;   You, Kun-Ming

Tags Continuous monitoring and streaming technologies for healthcareIntelligent medical devices and sensorsMedical signal acquisition, archiving and communication

Smart clothes are wearable and comfortable devices for monitoring physiological signals. Using three-axis accelerometer sensors, smart clothes,...

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Data Collection for Models Validation: Application to Prostate Cancer ? Clinical Aspects

Gabriele, Domenico ;   Garibaldi, Elisabetta ;   Fiorito, Chiara ;   Cattari, Gabriella ;   Carchedi, Maria Teresa

Tags Statistics and quality of medical dataMedical data managementBiomedical modeling and simulation

In the general framework of the European ICT Project CHIC, focused on the building of a common repository for data and models in the field...

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Information Technology Meets Pharmacogenomics: Design Specifications of an Integrated Personalized Pharmacogenomics Information System

Potamias, George ;   Lakiotaki, Kleanthi ;   Patrinos, George

Tags Pharmaco- and pharmacy informatics systemsDisease profiling and personalized treatmentComputational support for patient-centered and evidence-based care

It is broadly recognized that current advances in post-genomics research promise to change and even revolutionize the way genomic and...

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Possibility of Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Estimation by Measurements of Force and Arteries Diameter

Veye, Florent ;   Mestre, Sandrine ;   Perez-Martin, Antonia ;   Triboulet, Jean

Tags Image analysis, processing and classificationMedical biometricsMedical signal acquisition, archiving and communication

Ultrasound examination is the first line procedure for the diagnosis and follow-up of cardiovascular diseases. Instrumenting an ultrasound...

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Using a Database as a Service for Providing Electronic Health Records

Chang, Hsien-Tsung ;   Yang, Ping-Yen ;   Lin, Tsai-Huei ;   Chen, Ming-Jen

Tags Cloud computing for healthcareDatabase design for health information systemsMedical data management

Health records can be used in healthcare and medical history, which enables medical staff to obtain additional information regarding the...

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