A System to Evaluate the Presence of a Diarrheal Epidemic Caused by Shigella and Salmonella

Masupe, Shedden ;   Masupe, Tiny ;   Chaturvedi, Ojaswita

Tags Consumer health and wellness informatics applicationsHealthcare delivery in developing countriesPublic health informatics

Epidemic modeling of a disease like diarrhea help in understanding the dynamics of the disease as well as preventing it. According to the...

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Comparing Different Visual Biofeedbacks in Static Posturography

D'Anna, Carmen ;   Schmid, Maurizio ;   Goffredo, Michela ;   De Marchis, Cristiano ;   Conforto, Silvia ;   Bibbo, Daniele

Tags Comparative effectiveness researchDisplay and visualization of medical dataVirtual and augmented reality for healthcare

Several studies have showed the positive effect that real-time presentation of centre of pressure (COP) has on stability. Typically the COP...

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Development and Evaluation of an Innovative Chronic Disease Management Program in Valencia-La Fe Health Dept.

Valdivieso Martinez, Bernardo ;   Borrás-Justus, Pablo ;   Dominguez, David ;   Faubel, Raquel ;   Gonzalez-Cappa, Javier

Tags Business intelligence and data warehousing for healthcareInformation technologies for the management of patient safety and clinical outcomesTelemedicine and telecare

Valencia La Fe-Health Department, aligned with the Regional Ministry of Health, is pushing an Innovative Chronic Diseases Management Program,...

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Implementation of an Extended Fellegi-Sunter Probabilistic Record Linkage Method Using the Jaro-Winkler String Comparator

Li, Xinran ;   Boire, Jean-Yves ;   Ouchchane, Lemlih ;   Maigne, Lydia ;   Guttmann, Aline ;   Demongeot, Jacques ;   Cipiere, Sebastien

Tags Applications in electronic health recordsPublic health informaticsStatistics and quality of medical data

Record linkage is the task of identifying which records from one or more data sources refer to the same person. Often, records do not have...

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Relationship between Foot Arch Structure and Postural Stability – Measurements in Over 100 Older People for Health Monitoring

Anzai, Emi ;   Nakajima, Kanako ;   Iwakami, Yumi ;   Sato, Mitsuru ;   Ino, Shuichi ;   Yamashita, Kazuhiko ;   Ohta, Yuji

Tags Wearable systems and sensorsHealth risk evaluation and modelingConsumer health and wellness informatics applications

The aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between the structure of the foot arch and postural control in the elderly. Ratio...

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The Salus Platform: A Tele-Health Solution to Support Teleconsulting for the Brazilian Primary Health Care Network

Celestrini, Jordano ;   da Silva, Wesley ;   Andreao, Rodrigo ;   Komati, Karin ;   Corradi, Solange ;   Sylvan, Ana ;   Fernandes, Filipe ;   Schimidt, Marcelo ;   Sarti, Thiago

Tags Information technologies for healthcare service deliveryTelemedicine and telecare

The Brazilian Tele-health Program supports the development of information and communication technologies focusing the improvement of the...

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