A Study of Heart Rate Variability as Sleep Apnoea Predictor over Two Different Databases

Peiteado-Brea, VerĂ³nica ;   Alvarez-Estevez, Diego ;   Moret-Bonillo, Vicente

Tags Analysis and processing of biomedical signalsCognitive and decision support systemsComputer-aided diagnosis

The main aim of this work is to study the consistency of ECG-based approaches for the screening of apnoeic patients, which are based on...

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A Two-Stage Approch to Bring the Postural Assessment to Masses: The KISS-Health Project

Bortone, Ilaria ;   Argentiero, Alberto ;   Agnello, Nadia ;   Santo Sabato, Stefano ;   Bucciero, Alberto

Tags Computer-aided diagnosisHealth risk evaluation and modelingIntelligent medical devices and sensors

The human body is in a posture every minute of every day: it can be static, such as when resting, or dynamic, such as when walking. It is...

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Breast Tissue Removal for Enhancing Microcalcification Cluster Detection in Mammograms

Baddar, Wissam ;   Ro, Yong Man ;   Kim, Dae Hoe

Tags Image analysis, processing and classificationComputer-aided diagnosisBiomedical pattern recognition

In this paper, we propose a novel normal breast tissue removal approach using sparse representation (SR), in order to emphasize subtle...

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Fuzzy Reasoning Clinical Decision Support for Manual Titration of Positive Airway Pressure Support and Oxygen Supply in Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Tzavaras, Aris ;   Spyropoulos, Basile ;   Weller, Peter

Tags Cognitive and decision support systemsIntelligent medical devices and sensors

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Support (CPAP) devices are commonly used in Home Care for treating patients with sleep breathing...

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Real-Time Vital Signs Monitoring and Interpretation System for Early Detection of Multiple Physical Signs in Older Adults

Baig, Mirza Mansoor ;   Connolly, Martin J. ;   GholamHosseini, Hamid ;   Kashfi, Ghodsi

Tags Computational intelligence methodologies for healthcareComputer-aided diagnosisHealthcare knowledge abstraction, classification and summarization

Advanced engineering, communication and information technologies combined with medical and clinical knowledge enable the possibility of remote,...

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