Cardiac Ultrasound Multiview Fusion Using a Multicamera Tracking System

Punithakumar, Kumaradevan ;   Wood, Peter William ;   Noga, Michelle ;   Boulanger, Pierre ;   Biamonte, Marina ;   Becher, Harald

Tags Image rendering, reconstruction and enhancementImage analysis, processing and classification3D visualization and multimedia

This study presents a novel approach to fuse multiple three-dimensional ultrasound scans using a multi-camera tracking system. Recent...

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Detectability of Brain Structure Abnormalities Related to Autism through MRI-Derived Measures from Multiple Scanners

Auzias, Guillaume ;   Breuil, Camille ;   Deruelle, Christine ;   Takerkart, Sylvain

Tags Analysis and processing of biomedical signalsCleaning, pre-processing, and ensuring quality and integrity of medical dataImage analysis, processing and classification

Multi-site studies utilizing MRI-derived measures from multiple scanners present an opportunity to increase the power of statistical models by...

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Detecting Left Ventricular Impaired Relaxation Using MR Imaging

Punithakumar, Kumaradevan ;   Ben Ayed, Ismail ;   Boulanger, Pierre ;   Islam, Ali ;   Li, Shuo ;   Noga, Michelle ;   Afshin, Mariam

Tags Statistics and quality of medical dataImage registration, segmentation, compression and visualizationImage analysis, processing and classification

This study investigates automatic assessment of the left ventricular (LV) diastolic function using cine cardiac magnetic resonance (MR)...

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Improvement of Subtle Microcalcifications Detection in DBT Slices

Ro, Yong Man ;   Kim, Eun Joon ;   Kim, Dae Hoe ;   Cha, Eun Suk

Tags Computer-aided diagnosisImage analysis, processing and classificationImage registration, segmentation, compression and visualization

In this paper, a novel microcalcification detection in Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (DBT) is proposed, which allows detecting subtle...

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Neurovascular Coupling Study of PTZ-Induced Seizure in Rats by Simultaneous Real-Time 3D PAT and EEG at Two Wavelengths

Xiao, Jiaying ;   Peng, Kuan ;   Wang, Bo ;   Zhu, Ziqiang

Tags 3D visualization and multimediaImage analysis, processing and classificationImaging modalities

Neurovascular coupling in epilepsy is poorly understood, the study of which requires simultaneous monitoring of heamodynamic changes and...

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PET Image Improvement Using the Patch Confidence K-Nearest Neighbors Filter

Yu, Sicong ;   Hamid Muhammed, Hamed

Tags Computer-aided diagnosisImage analysis, processing and classificationImage rendering, reconstruction and enhancement

In Positron Emission Tomography (PET), the resulted images are highly deteriorated by noise. In this study, we propose a new denoising...

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