A Comprehensive Framework Design for Continuous Quality Improvement within the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit: Integration of the SPOE, CRISP-DM and PaJMa Models

Huang, Wenlan ;   McGregor, Carolyn ;   James, Andrew

Tags Cognitive and decision support systemsHealthcare workflow managementInformation technologies for the management of patient safety and clinical outcomes

Abstract—Continuous quality improvement is an important component of contemporary health care. This paper proposes an integrated framework...

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A Mobile Memory Game for Patients with Acquired Brain Damage: A Preliminary Usability Study

Sevillano, Jose Luis ;   Cascado, Daniel ;   Moron, Maria J. ;   Suarez-Mejias, Cristina ;   Yañez, Rosa

Tags Computer games for healthcareMobile systemsUsability studies in healthcare

Memory rehabilitation and training is an important activity for patients with Acquired Brain Damage (ABD), including Cerebral Vascular Accident...

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A Web Based Tool for Antimicrobial Resistance Evaluation in Immunocompromised Patient

Giacomini, Mauro ;   Dentone, Chiara ;   Tagliati, Alessandro ;   Secondo, Giovanni ;   Pupella, Valeria ;   Mondain, Veronique ;   Guttmann, Rosa ;   Ferrea, Giuseppe

Tags Computational support for patient-centered and evidence-based careDisplay and visualization of medical dataPublic health informatics

In the last century, antibiotics have been one of the most important discoveries for defeating numerous types of bacteria, but in recent...

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Improving Emergency Medical Dispatching by Means of the Adaptive Large Neighborhood Search

Kleinoscheg, Gabriel ;   Bernroider, Martin ;   Burgsteiner, Harald ;   Kiechle, Günter ;   Obermayer, Maria

Tags Operations research methods for healthcareInformation technologies for healthcare service deliveryCognitive and decision support systems

Dispatching ambulances is a demanding and stressful task for dispatchers. The aim of this work was to investigate if and to what extent the...

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Making Medical Treatments Resilient to Technological Disruptions in Telemedicine Systems

Larburu, Nekane ;   Bults, Richard G.A. ;   Hermens, H.J. ;   Widya, Ing

Tags Telemedicine and telecareInformation technologies for the management of patient safety and clinical outcomesContinuous monitoring and streaming technologies for healthcare

Telemedicine depends on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to support remote treatment of patients. This dependency requires the...

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Towards Personalization of Trust Management Service for Ubiquitous Healthcare Environment

Athanasiou, Georgia ;   Mantas, Georgios ;   Fengou, Maria-Anna ;   Lymberopoulos, Dimitrios

Tags Assistive and adaptive ubiquitous computingInformation technologies for healthcare service deliveryTelemedicine and telecare

In healthcare, trust is considered to be the key factor for the provision of effective healthcare services. Thus, ubiquitous healthcare...

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