Acquired Brain Injury Cognitive Dysfunctional Profile Based on Neuropsychological Knowledge and Medical Imaging Studies

Luna-Serrano, Marta ;   Tormos, Jose M. ;   Roig-Rovira, Teresa ;   Gomez, Enrique J. ;   García Molina, Alberto ;   Chausa, Paloma ;   Cáceres, Cesar ;   Caballero-Hernández, Ruth ;   Bernabeu-Guitart, Monsterrat

Tags Computational support for patient-centered and evidence-based careDisease profiling and personalized treatmentDisplay and visualization of medical data

Neurorehabilitation aims to reduce the impact of the impairments caused by acquired brain injury (ABI). Nowadays, rehabilitation therapies are...

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Acquiring and Analyzing Electrocardiograms Via Smartphone to Detect Cardiovascular Abnormalities

Tafreshi, Reza ;   Saade, Georges ;   Altouma, Albert ;   Makki, Mustapha ;   Al-Terkawi Hasib, SamiHAlTer ;   Baobeid, Abdulla

Tags Medical signal acquisition, archiving and communicationTechnologies for capturing and documenting clinical encounter information in electronic systems

This paper presents a telemetry system to acquire the Electrocardiogram (ECG) waveform and analyze it using a specific algorithm to detect...

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Addressing Dysgraphia with a Mobile, Web-Based Software with Interactive Feedback

Giordano, Daniela ;   Maiorana, Francesco

Tags Medical data managementDisplay and visualization of medical dataDisease profiling and personalized treatment

Learning disabilities affect an increasing number of students. Among these disabilities, dysgraphia has a non-indifferent role since it...

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Low Complexity QRS Detectors for Performance and Energy Aware Applications

Gutiérrez, Raquel ;   Garcia, J. Jesus ;   Marnane, Liam ;   Popovici, Emanuel ;   Spagnol, Christian

Tags Continuous monitoring and streaming technologies for healthcareMedical data managementMedical signal acquisition, archiving and communication

Telemedicine or mHealth systems can improve the quality of life of patients who need to be monitored continuously. Not only will it allow them...

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Non Contact ECG Recording Instrument for Continuous Cardiovascular Monitoring

K V, Ahammed Muneer

Tags Continuous monitoring and streaming technologies for healthcareDisplay and visualization of medical dataMedical signal acquisition, archiving and communication

The proposed non-contact ECG scheme presented in this article is based on sensing the variations in the electric potential close to the...

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On the Design and Development of a Breast Biopsy Navigation System: Path Generation Algorithm and System with Its GUI Evaluation

Suthakorn, Jackrit ;   Treepong, Bantita ;   Tanaiutchawoot, Narucha

Tags Display and visualization of medical dataImage registration, segmentation, compression and visualizationIntelligent medical devices and sensors

Breast cancer is a major problem for women throughout the world. It is the second most common factor for women's death. Therefore, early...

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