Building a Cloud-Based Platform for Personal Health Sensor Data Management

Li, Yang ;   Wu, Chao ;   Lee, Chun-Hsiang ;   Guo, Yike ;   Guo, Li

Tags Cloud computing for healthcareSensor networks and systems for pervasive healthcare

Recent developments of modern technologies such as cloud computing, wearable sensor devices and big data have significantly impacted people's...

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COCO-CLOUD Project: Confidential and Compliant Clouds

Alberich-Bayarri, Angel ;   Sanz-Requena, Roberto ;   Mediavilla Martinez, César ;   Mañas García, Alejandro ;   García-Martí, Gracián ;   Egea, Marina

Tags Privacy and security in healthcareDisplay and visualization of medical dataCloud computing for healthcare

The Coco-Cloud (Confidential and Compliant Cloud) project is under the scope of the 7th Framework Programme of the European Commission and...

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Designing Interactive Health Care Systems: Bridging the Gap between Patients and Health Care Professionals

Graham, Lisa ;   Far, Behrouz H. ;   Moshirpour, Mohammad ;   Smith, Michael

Tags Applications in electronic health recordsEvaluation of health information systemsHuman factors - ergonomics - in health information systems

As patients become more proactive about their health and turn to technologies such as the Internet to acquire knowledge, the patient-health...

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Development of a Wearable Multisensor Device Enabling Continuous Monitoring of Vital Signs and Activity

Vedum, Jon ;   Austad, Hanne Opsahl ;   Vardøy, Astrid-Sofie Borge ;   Svagård, Ingrid ;   Strisland, Frode ;   Seeberg, Trine Margrethe ;   Sandsund, Mariann ;   Liverud, Anders Erik

Tags Continuous monitoring and streaming technologies for healthcareHealth informatics education and e-learningWearable systems and sensors

This paper reports on the development and testing of a wearable device intended as a component in an ambulatory system for health...

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Evaluation of Secure Multi-Party Computation for Reuse of Distributed Electronic Health Data

Bellika, Johan Gustav ;   Yigzaw, Kassaye Yitbarek

Tags Biomedical data miningEvaluation of health information systemsPrivacy and security in healthcare

There has been an increasing need for reuse of health data (i.e. research, quality assurance, patient treatment, public health, and commercial...

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Secure and Efficient Coding of Biomedical Signals, Periodic Measurements and Contextual Data in Body Area Networks

Rubio, Óscar J. ;   Alesanco, Alvaro ;   Garcia Moros, Jose

Tags Interoperability and data representation in healthcare deliveryPrivacy and security in healthcareWearable systems and sensors

This paper proposes a cryptosteganographic coding for signals (e.g. ECGs), periodic measurements (e.g. oxygen in blood, body temperature) and...

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