A Clinical IT Infrastructure and Information System to Support Decision making in Medical Team Meetings

Bohn, Stefan

Tags System integration for healthcareIntelligent personal health recordsClinical information systems

Current clinical processes are characterized by data fragmentation over different IT systems and paper based documents. A new information...

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A Potential Implementation of Citizen-Focused E-Health Strategies Framework for Saudi Arabia

Hussain, Fiaz ;   Alanezi, Fahad

Tags Healthcare delivery in developing countriesHealthcare workflow managementInformation technologies for healthcare service delivery

E-health is one of the most effective healthcare technologies used for delivering the healthcare services in remote locations. With...

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Archetype-Driven GUI Generation based on Rule Language

Kock, Ann-Kristin ;   Andersen, Björn ;   Ingenerf, Josef

Tags Development and implementation of medical data and vocabulary standardsDisplay and visualization of medical dataMobile systems

This paper describes a software solution for structured reporting on mobile devices. We implemented a two level approach which is based on a...

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Assessing Dementia Onset by Observing Hand Washing Behavior

Ashraf, Ahmed ;   Taati, Babak

Tags Biomedical data miningComputational intelligence methodologies for healthcareContinuous monitoring and streaming technologies for healthcare

Early identification of dementia can allow older adults to receive and plan timely care and treatment. In this paper, we present a preliminary...

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Automatic Delimitation of the Human Subthalamic Nucleus using Microelectrode Recordings and a Hidden Markov Model

Kundig, Stefanos ;   Stathis, Pantelis ;   Sakas, Damianos ;   Nikita, Konstantina ;   Frangou, Polytimi

Tags Physiological modelingBiomedical modeling and simulation

Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) surgery on patients diagnosed with Parkinson's disease (PD) most frequently targets the subthalamic nucleus...

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Bridging Federal Programs to Support Health IT Innovation

Arora, Shifali ;   Yttri, Jennifer ;   Wactlar, Howard

Tags Information technologies for healthcare service deliveryHealth informatics education and e-learningAffective computing for healthcare

Healthcare in the United States is undergoing a paradigm shift from fee for service to value based care. The integration of information...

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Clinical Platform for Dental Implant Planning: Evaluation of the Structure and Bone Density, Design and Splint Creation

Alberich-Bayarri, Angel ;   Hervás, Vicente ;   Martí-Bonmatí, Luis ;   Naranjo, Valery ;   Ten Esteve, Amadeo

Tags 3D visualization and multimediaImage analysis, processing and classificationImage registration, segmentation, compression and visualization

This platform for dental implant planning has been assessed as a software tool of medical images in order to support the decision of the...

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Correlationship between Organic Acid Concentrations in Oral Cavity According to Sugar Metabolite Process

Kang, Jong-Oh ;   Park, Yong-Duk ;   Park, Jung-Eun ;   Hwang, Su-Yeon ;   Hwang, Kyung-Suk

Tags Analytics for clinical care

In this study, the concentration of organic acids was measured in saliva of 15 subjects, and the correlationship between each organic acid...

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Development of Cost Effective Backscattered Optical Imaging System for Detection of Abnormality in Tissues

Thiyam, Deepa Beeta ;   Elagiri Ramalingam, Rajkumar

Tags Imaging modalities

A cost effective backscattered imaging system has been developed for detecting the changes in tissue properties. The backscattered...

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Diversity Defines a Health Information Technology Workforce

Hassler, Cynthia ;   Keyser, Gail ;   Rab, Shafiq

Tags Health informatics education and e-learningHealthcare workflow management

With the ever growing implementation of electronic health records (EHR) across the United States, the need for health information technology...

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Effective visualization of patient behavior data

de Folter, Joost ;   Golkalp, Hulya ;   Sharma, Urvashi ;   Clarke, Malcolm

Tags Display and visualization of medical data

We present the outcome of use of a systematic methodology to develop optimum visualization of behavioral and physiological data for use by...

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Estimation of Cardiopulmonary Fitness during Daily Life

Yoon, Hyung-Jin ;   Yoon, Chiyul ;   Kim, Hee Chan ;   Hyun, Eunjeh ;   Ahn, Joong Woo

Tags Consumer health and wellness informatics applicationsContinuous monitoring and streaming technologies for healthcareData analytics for healthcare quality assurance

Despite the importance of cardiopulmonary fitness, there has been no practical and simple method developed to estimate maximum oxygen uptake...

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Evaluation of Classical Similarity Measures for Motion Tracking in Experimental Cardiac Optical Mapping Studies

Calvo, Conrado J. ;   Chorro, Francisco Javier ;   Millet, Jose ;   Moscardó, Vanessa ;   Yagüe Mayans, Jaime

Tags Analysis and processing of biomedical signals

Cardiac arrhythmias such as ventricular fibrillation (VF) and ventricular tachycardia (VT) are leading causes of death, yet its underlying...

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Family-Based High-Dimensional Genomic Data Management and Analysis through Access to Supercomputing

Ranaweera, Thilina ;   Hopper, John ;   Makalic, Enes ;   Bickerstaffe, Adrian Charles

Tags Database design for health information systemsHigh-performance computing for healthcareMedical data management

In this paper we propose a Supercomputer Pipeline for The Ark (SPARK) to provide an open source knowledge discovery platform that...

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Holistic System to Analyze In-Patients Health Status based on Continuous Monitoring and Sensing of Vital Signs, Behavioral Indicators and Environmental Conditions

Aparici-Tortajada, Lucia ;   Alberich-Bayarri, Angel ;   Miguel, Diéguez ;   José, Outón ;   Inmaculada, Rodriguez ;   Helena, Fernandez ;   David, Fondo ;   David, Chaves ;   Daniel, Pereira ;   Cristina, García ;   Pablo, Asensio

Tags Cognitive and decision support systemsSensor networks and systems for pervasive healthcareWearable systems and sensors

The use of monitoring systems and sensors to analyze the health status of non-intensive in-patients and support the clinical staff decision...

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Interface to Obtain Numerical Data from ECGs Stored with PDF Format without Optical Image Capture

Ortigosa, Nuria

Tags Medical data managementMedical signal acquisition, archiving and communication

Surface electrocardiogram (ECG) is one of the most popular cardiac tests performed, since it is a cheap non-invasive technique. This is...

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Investigation into Wheelchair Mobility Control that uses a Minimally Invasive Intra-Oral Palate Control Device Utilising Resistopalatography Techniques

Horne, Robert ;   Henderson, Martin ;   Kelly, Stephen

Tags Intelligent medical devices and sensors

Interfacing with conventional wheelchair input devices is a major challenge when it comes to patients with high levels of disability. This paper...

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Investigation of Released Rate (%) of Cytotoxic Monomers from Dental Composite Resin

Hwang, Kyung-Suk ;   Kim, Ji-Eun ;   Kim, Nam-Jung ;   Oh, Yoon-Jong

Tags Analytics for clinical care

Monomers in dental composite resins are converted to polymers through polymerization, and the unreacted monomers are released to the oral...

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Investigation of the Preservatives Intake Amount from Commercial Dentifrices

Park, Jung-Eun ;   Yang, Dal Nim ;   Park, Yong-Duk ;   Kwon, Ha-Jeong ;   Kim, Ki-Eun

Tags Analytics for clinical care

This study analyzed the levels of the preservatives in commercial dentifrices, and predicted the intake amount of preservatives from...

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Modeling of the 3D Coiled Cochlea

Saveljic, Igor ;   Nikolic, Milica ;   Nikolic, Dalibor ;   Isailovic, Velibor ;   Filipovic, Nenad

Tags Physiological modelingDisease diagnostic and prognostic modelsBiomedical modeling and simulation

The cochlea is auditory receptor which is stimulated by environmental sounds via vibrations of the stapes, the innermost of the middle ear...

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Movement Fluidity of the Impaired Arm During Stroke Rehabilitation

Biswas, Dwaipayan ;   Ortmann, Steffen ;   Maharatna, Koushik ;   Klemke, Jasmin ;   Joebges, Michael ;   Cranny, Andy ;   Achner, Josy

Tags Analysis and processing of biomedical signalsHealth information systems for chronic disease managementWearable systems and sensors

We present an initial study on the measure of movement fluidity of the upper arm for 4 stroke patients for a duration of 3 weeks as they...

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Prototype of a Mobile Android App to Enhance Mindfulness Practice

Plaza, Inmaculada ;   Herrera-Mercadal, Paola ;   Javier García Campayo, Javier ;   Ortega, Antonio ;   Piva Demarzo, Marcelo

Tags Assistive and adaptive ubiquitous computingMobile systems

Mindfulness is gaining importance in the fields of medicine and psychology. A previous state of the art review showed the need to develop and...

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Results of Portable Health Clinic Non Communicable Disease Screening Campaign in Bangladesh

Kamau, Jecinta ;   Ahmed, Ashir ;   Islam, Rafiqul ;   Reberio-Hargrave, Andrew

Tags Statistics and quality of medical dataInformation technologies for healthcare service deliveryBiomedical pattern recognition

The principle objective of this paper is to report the findings of the Portable Health Clinic experiments on 15,000 subjects in Bangladesh....

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Robust and Reliable Timestamps for Remote Patient Monitoring

Clarke, Malcolm

Tags Intelligent medical devices and sensorsMedical data managementTelemedicine and telecare

This paper has been removed from the conference proceedings

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Salivary Concentration of Ions Before and After Sugar Intake

Kang, Jong-Oh ;   Kim, Ji-Eun ;   Kim, Mi-Yeon ;   Kwon, Ha-Jeong ;   Park, Yong-Duk

Tags Analytics for clinical care

Sugars are converted to organic acids by oral bacteria, and oral environments (pH, ion concentration) could be changed during the sugar...

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Share, Discover and Access Biomedical Resources: VPH-Share in Short

Testi, Debora ;   Bubak, Marian ;   Wood, Steven ;   Jordan Rodriguez, Blanca ;   Lamata, Pablo ;   Arenas, Juan ;   Hose, David R.

Tags High-performance computing for healthcareHealthcare knowledge computerization, execution, inference, management and representationBiomedical modeling and simulation

Access to tools and data in the biomedical domain is dramatically important in order to support the creation of new clinical knowledge and...

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Somatosensory Evoked Potentials for Monitoring Long-Term Effect of Semi-Invasive Local Hypothermia Treatment on Spinal Cord

Kortelainen, Jukka ;   Vipin, Ashwati ;   Al-Nashash, Hasan ;   All, Angelo

Tags Analysis and processing of biomedical signalsAnalytics for clinical care

We propose the usage of somatosensory evoked potentials (SEPs) for monitoring the long-term effect of semi-invasively induced local...

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Theoretical and Experimental Analyses of Total Peripheral Vascular Resistance by Direct Measurement of Microvascular Response

Yokokawa, Kazuhiro ;   Shibata, Masahiro

Tags Biomedical modeling and simulationDisease diagnostic and prognostic modelsHealth risk evaluation and modeling

To elucidate that Poiseuille's law can be applied in vivo microcirculation, we tried to analyze the total peripheral vascular resistance (Rt) and...

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Towards a Personalizable Health System for Diabetes

Brugués, Albert ;   Schumacher, Michael Ignaz ;   Pegueroles, Josep ;   Bromuri, Stefano

Tags Cognitive and decision support systemsInformation technologies for the management of patient safety and clinical outcomesInteroperability and data representation in healthcare delivery

This paper introduces several extensions to the architecture of current state-of-the-art personal health systems, that aim at improving...

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Ultrasound Harmonic Sidelobe Suppression with Supplementary Golay Pair

Shen, Che-Chou

Tags Image analysis, processing and classificationImage registration, segmentation, compression and visualizationImaging modalities

Dual-frequency (DF) harmonic imaging effectively utilizes the system bandwidth for frequency compounding. When using the phase-encoded Golay...

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